01.31.18 Happy Retirement Donna Methvien

Roy and I both worked for Donna Methvien at Southeastern Louisiana University’s Computing department.  She is retiring after 36 years of dedicated and loyal service to Southeastern Louisiana University.  She graduated from Southeastern and within that same year started working there!   I’m so happy I got to spend ten of those years working with her and then five years working for her.

A retirement luncheon was held Wednesday, January 31st  in her honor in McClimans Hall where her office is located.  Some photos from today’s event follow. This photo of Donna and Roy isn’t great but this is my dear friend and my dear honey so, oh well!Donna’s family – Donna’s husband, son, his wife, and their daughter and cousins from MississippiDonna and her husband Chuck in front of a Christmas tree decorated with pictures of Donna through the years!Donna’s retirement cake could not have been more perfect for her.  Donna is a notorious user of every color of sticky note.  They are usually all around her desk so she doesn’t forget the hundreds of things she was responsible for.  This cake had edible sticky notes of all the great things she’ll get to do in her retirement, especially things she’ll get to enjoy with her grandbaby Kynsea!

Donna has taken care of planning every retirement party, going away party, office party, etc. for years and years.  I got to share with her the shopping for these things and followed her guidance in putting these events together while I worked at Southeastern.  That was always a really fun part of my job.

She has now turned that over to Cindy, Jacquelyn and Hannah who did a fabulous job honoring Donna’s time at Southeastern.   There was that amazing cake, punch, pastalya, Dr. Asoodeh’s famous salad, and dips and chips.  They had learned so much from Donna over the years that they pulled off a wonderful event honoring our dear dear friend and boss.

Here’s these girls with their fearless leader!

These tables were full of wonderful food by the time we ate.  Lots more photos of Donna’s memories were on the wall.

The invitation to her retirement event was framed and on the sign in table. The cards on the table were there for us to write things to Donna on and put in the jar.  The tables were set up in the hallway because this is where we always had our office socials.  There were lots of other places to sit and eat when these tables filled up. They had a roast for Donna with several folks sharing memories.  This is Donna’s pastor who had really interesting things to say about Donna pulling pranks!Tommy Mocsary who works for Donna in the Help Desk sharing his memories and admiration for Donna.Joe Dick who worked for Donna for many years in Network Availability shared some memories.Cindy worked with Donna longer than most of us.  Her sweet memories were wonderful to hear.

I had lots of memories with Donna and chose a few of them to share with everyone. I couldn’t take a photo while rambling on so you’ll just have to know she was very worried about what I’d say and I loved it!

Every one who shared included these three things they admired about Donna; her faith, her strength and her compassionate leadership.  No one told us to do that, it’s just how Donna is!

This is Roy and my girl Sandy whom I worked with forever before she retired from Southeastern.  We plan to live together when her husband and Roy are gone.  We’ve been planning this a while!  That’s Renee’ and Tommy behind them!

Donna and Chuck (her husband) in line to get their food!

  The many people who came to honor Donna.  Employees current and past.      

A wonderful photo show displayed lots of Donna’s work memories.


To my very dear close friend Donna Methvien.  Happy Retirement!

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