01.18.18 Here we go again. Snow, snow, snow in the Deep South!

Thursday, January 18, 2018 –

Louisiana may have snow once a decade, maybe.  And usually it’s just a few snow flakes where nothing sticks and it stops quickly. We’ve had two real snow falls in the last few weeks.  The first snowfall we had between 4 to 6 inches of snow.  The one last evening and overnight left us with about an inch of snow.

The state or specific area in the state closes down and everyone is happy that there is no work, school, etc. until it melts.  We don’t have snow chains for our tires.  We have a lot of raised bridges over all the creeks, streams, lakes, rivers, etc. and they freeze up quickly causing vehicles to slip, slide and smash into each other.

Here are some of our snow photos from our home in Amite, Louisiana.

The steps going out of our motorhome!    Some of the rocks I paint were left on the table and covered with snow!

         Last time it snowed I cooked a major pot of sausage, chicken and okra gumbo.  We had two meals worth left and we’re enjoying them this time.

People like to make fun of how we handle snow here in the deep south and I found several funny or just plain cute photos on Facebook to share.


The snow melted during the day a bit and will refreeze with the lows in the teens tonight.

My right knee that needs to be replaced is not doing too well right now.  I tripped over a heater in the kitchen Monday while holding a bowl of hot gumbo.  It went everywhere and I hit several parts of me on the floor, table and who knows where.  After that the right knee feels much more unstable and painful now so we’ll make a stop at our local orthopedic doctor on Friday to get a shot in my knee.  We may be going to Tennessee to see the doctor that replaced Roy’s knee sometime soon to schedule a knee replacement for me.  I see the brain doctor Friday so I’ll be all doctored up for the weekend!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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