2017, Louisiana Adventures

12.22.17 – 11 Undeniable Habits That No Louisianian Can Ever Unlearn

Friday, December 22, 2017 – If you grew up in Louisiana like I did, then you’ve most likely picked up a few habits that you won’t find in any other state. Here are 11 undeniable habits that no Louisianian can ever unlearn. But to be honest, would we really want to unlearn them?

1. Holding doors open for strangers

11 Undeniable Habits That No Louisianian Can Ever Unlearn

These things, and so much more, are what makes Louisianians a most blessed culture! I believe that good manners, politeness, kindness, generosity and family love are all things Louisianians are raised with.  It’s not necessarily something we were taught but something we learned from examples set by our parents and grandparents, to those in our circle of family and friends all doing these things very naturally!

Hope you all enjoy reading this.  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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