2017, Home in Amite

12.14.17 Grannie and Paw Paw flag, Roy’s eye surgery, Trinity Children’s Choir, Paddle boat, almost snowless and Christmas rocks!

Thursday, December 14. 2017 – Our sweet son Chip and his wife Misty gave Roy and I the most amazing and perfect wedding anniversary present.  It now has its place of honor in our front flower garden!  I know, all you grandparents are jealous of us with our sign that Grandkids Spoiled Here – Grannie and Paw Paw Chauvin!!!!

Roy’s first cataract surgery, on his right eye, was Tuesday the 12th.  One down, and the other one coming up in a couple of weeks.  Here he is ready to make it happen!  The day after surgery doctor’s visit with Dr. Greiner went well.  Roy’s vision is still a little blurry but it was better Wednesday than Tuesday so he’s on the right path to healing.  He’s already seeing whites as being whiter than before and colors as being more vibrant than before.  We go back on December 28 for his two week check up and to schedule the left eye surgery.

Trinity’s Children’s Choir put on a spectacular Christmas musical last night.   They sang beautifully and the acting was great! How they all managed to remember their lines is beyond me.  I was in one of the children’s musical as Mrs. Christmas so I know how much they put into this and how hard it is.  Roy and I still say “I do, I do” remembering that was one of my lines back then.  This is always one of my favorite events at our church each year!

We were in town the other day and passed by a parking lot with several old cars.  Not sure what these will be used for but we figure it’s for a movie.


This was must be the one people are driving/riding in since there was one just like it all rigged up with cameras to take video like them driving in it.

There is a paddle boat that has been at the other end of our pond for at least a year.  Roy knew that our next door neighbor owned it and asked him if we could buy it from him.  Daniel, our neighbor, said we could have it free!  It was quite full of algae and other icky things but Roy paddled it across the pond to our end.  He and Chip worked on cleaning it and it now looks much better.  Can’t wait to have some nice little warmer weather to get out in the pond in it!

The snow is almost gone as you can see in these photos.  It was very special for us to have the snow event we had last week!  So many people lost electricity but we didn’t!!!

Each time we go to Dr. Greiner’s office or surgery center we hide some of our painted rocks.  You may remember Bailey, at the doctor’s office, that really enjoys our rocks.  Wednesday I hid more when we were entering the building.  By the time we left she had found them all and put some of them under their Christmas tree!  I love it!

It is very cold right now and in the past days few here in Louisiana.  Highs today in the 50s.  It’s been in the 40s, 50s, and very low 60 for the high.  We’ve had several nights where the low reached freezing or below, very unusual here.  It is sunshiney though so that makes it a perfect winter here in Southern Louisiana.

I finished the last of my Christmas shopping yesterday and bought all the ingredients to make butterscotch/peanut butter haystacks and snowball round cookies (Christmas edible goodies) and homemade vegetable beef soup!  Today and tomorrow will be present wrapping, Christmas goodie, and soup cooking! This retirement life at home is pretty great!!

Snowball cookies
Hay stacks

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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