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12.09.17 We just had our White Christmas….. in Southern Louisiana!!

Saturday, December 9, 2017 –  The weather report for Friday, December 8, 2017 was that we MAY see a few snow flakes over night.  When we woke up to snow blanketing everything we were overjoyed.  It continued all throughout the day.

It is now Saturday and the temperatures just rose to the 40s so slowly the snow is melting and falling off the trees.  The lawns, pastures and anywhere else that hasn’t been walked on are still white and so beautiful.

This is such an unusual event in Southern Louisiana that just about everything shut down and everyone was home building snowmen!!!  Last time we had this much snow was 9 years ago. We took almost 200 photos yesterday and I got it down to 50 photos for today’s blog post, so just a little warning before you start going down this page.

The photos are of our home and pond in Amite, the roads between our home and Interstate 55, then down Interstate 55 and 12 into Hammond and some sights we saw there including our church and Camping World, our son Chip’s home in Ponchatoula and a few pictures this morning now that the snow is just beginning to melt.  The temperatures over night were only in the 20s so we got to wake up again to whiteness everywhere!

I love how snow makes the photos look black and white!

Down by our pond.  This is one of my favorite photos from yesterday!

The cows were running around all morning, quite a sight to see!

The Chauvin Rocks I’ve been working on!

Going down our road and on through Amite on Highway 16 to Interstate 55.

Out the back window of our truck!

Driving through downtown Amite.  City Hall, our bank Whitney and the railroad tracks

Interstate 55

Our church, first looking at the softball field out back

The house we lived in for almost 30 years when we first moved to Hammond

Leaving Highway 16 on the way home going down 445You know you’re in the country when you see all the hay bales!

This morning when the snow started melting Little Chihuahua and Dachshund foot prints!

Our granddaughter Kallie in Ponchatoula enjoying the snow!

Chip and Madisyn making the snowman!!Madisyn and their baseball snowman – notice the ballcap and the baseball eyes!! We didn’t drive to Hammond just to see the snow there.  We had a doctor’s appointment that we didn’t know was cancelled until we reached the doctor’s office.  Not happy about that but the beautiful snow everywhere was such a blessing!  I thank our Lord for giving us this experience of playing in and enjoying the snow!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!!

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