11.13.17 This past week in Chauvin world!

Monday, November 13, 2017 – We’ve had a good week!

My sister Harriett and brother in law George came to visit us and we had fun catching up.  She even took some of my rocks back for her garden!  Chip came to visit this past week also.  Visiting in person is always nicer than on the phone.  I feel very loved when Chip gives up some of his day off to visit with us!  I don’t expect it, it’s just nice.

Last Thursday we started out by going to Madisyn’s school, and attending the Veterans Day service honoring those in the military that were related to the 3rd grade students.    Paw Paw Roy was in the Navy as a young man and got to sit on the stage with the other veterans. When it was his turn he told of his time in the military and Madisyn got to stand up while he spoke. I was so impressed with how well done today’s presentation was. Madisyn sang America the Beautiful with the 3rd grade chorus. It was beautiful hearing those young children’s voices. We all pledged allegiance to the flag and I was so happy to hear all of the children knew it and spoke it proudly! At the flag raising ceremony afterwards there was even a prayer offered by one of the children. Their principal served in the military for many years and wore his uniform today. In this day of some showing such disrespect it made my old heart very happy to be a part of today’s very patriotic event.   First are two of Madisyn’s proud parents, Chip and Misty! 

The military men and women related to a 3rd grade student were seated on the stage with all of the 3rd grade sitting quietly on the floor!

The D. C. Reeves 3rd grade chorus. 

This video is of the children singing.  The little girl in the back row with her face almost covered by her sheet of music is Madisyn!  Roy is almost right behind her on the second row.

A few Ponchatoula High School band members played the songs of each of the branches of our military.  When they played Anchors Aweigh. Roy and another man stood representing the Navy.

This is Roy behind the podium telling about his years in the Navy on board the USS Lawe and the USS Putnam.

Madisyn’s principal and the other military men and women saluting the students.  Before this he taught the children how to salute.

Flag Raising Ceremony presented for the Veterans. 

Daily Star newspaper in Hammond published this picture that they are both in.  Roy’s on the second row of Veterans and Madisyn is on the last row of singers.

After the school event we went to see a new neurologist, Dr. Patricia Morgan.  The jury is still out on whether I will continue with her.  Her assistant ran me through a common neurologist dementia testing which I didn’t do great on.  When she asked what the date was I said October 9th.  Roy told me it was really November 9th when she left the room.  She told me to remember three common words and after asking a bunch of non related questions she asked me to tell her what the three words are and I got one of them.  I brought the doctor my previous brain medical records so she went through them before coming in.  She asked me a lot of questions and then asked me to walk across the room.  My balance hasn’t been good for the last couple of years and when asked to put one foot in front of the other (like they do at a DUI stop) I swerved and looked very drunk.  She said that an abnormal EEG concerned her and that I have a lot of white matter.  She ordered a new EEG to see if I’m having seizures which is adding to the other brain issues.  This is a different approach than Dr. Shamsnia took. She said that there are no other medicines that I can try for dementia so as of now I’m off medicine.  I have a return appointment to see Dr. Morgan on December 4th to get the test results.  I thought I’d be going to the hospital for the EEG but was told that the company doing it comes to our house to do it, even though we live in Amite.  I’m waiting now to get that scheduled.  I left there a little confused but hopefully at the next appointment we’ll know more.

Saturday morning at 9 am I joined Chip’s family at the Harbor Church’s Thanksgiving Servolution team to assemble 1200 meals for delivery to needy people in the Hammond area.  Last time I did this with Chip’s church I was responsible for putting the aluminum foil between the hot food at the bottom and the desert and bread on top.  This time I did the same.  I must look like I’m good at aluminum foil placement! 

This first photo I found that someone else took.  This was early on when we were wrapping forks in napkins.  They all have their red SERVE team shirts and that’s me in pink!


Two huge pots of jambalaya were cooked and served.

Some of the meals ready for delivery.

Our precious granddaughter Kallie helping with the assembly.

When the deliveries started, our time in the assembly line ended.  We met up with Roy and went to Ponchatoula High School to watch Kaylon and Gracyn Willoughby in the play “Annie”.  They are both naturals on stage.  It was very well done and we loved seeing those girls in action!

After the play we brought Madisyn home with us to spend the night and go to church with us on Sunday. This was the first time we’ve had her overnight in many months and we all just loved it! Sunday was a very special day at Trinity.  George Martin was ordained as a Deacon at Trinity.  We’ve known George for most of his life and are very proud of the young man he is with his wife and two sons.  This is our pastor Rev. Avery Dixon as we prepared to pray for George and our other active Deacons at the end of the service.

Madisyn and her friend Randi Beth haven’t seen each other in a long time and were happy to see each other today when church was over.

I’ve created a Chauvin family rock.  I am working on one for Chip’s family and a different one for our oldest son’s family.

We have several days now of rest not having to go anywhere until this coming Thursday when Roy goes to the eye doctor and we go to Gretna, Louisiana to visit our friends Sally and John Vlosich.

It’s such a beautiful day today, we have all our windows open and are enjoying the slight cooling breeze that’s coming in!  On our way home after church we drove down General Ott Road.  When we got near Hinson Road, where we use to live, we saw acres and acres of what use to be woods, and is now all cleared out.  The yellow house you see through the clearing was our home on Hinson Road.  We always loved the woods being there so this was a big shock to see.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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