2017, Louisiana Adventures

11.02.17 Our first two+ weeks at home in Amite, Louisiana

Thursday, November 2, 2017 – What have we been up to since arriving home in Amite, Louisiana??? I realized we have taken very few photos since we arrived home. None of our time with family. Guess we were having too good of a time catching up with them to snap some shots!

We were visited by Chip’s family a couple of times the weekend we got home.  It was so amazing to hug them and get loved on by them.  Chip, Misty, Kallie and Madisyn, it is wonderful to be home with you all! God is so good to all of us.  Misty, Madisyn and I painted rocks which made me, Grannie, very happy!  Misty’s artistic talent is awesome, the girl knows how to paint a rock!!

We had dinner with our oldest son’s family for his oldest daughter’s birthday.  Again God is so good to all of us.  Their children are so precious, loving and sweet.  I brought each of them a rock and they loved it!  Dinner and fellowship was so special!

It was truly wonderful to be back in church at Trinity Baptist Church.  This was the first time since our new pastor was called to serve at our church that we’ve seen him in person preaching.  It was a wonderful morning seeing friends again and hearing Rev. Avery Dixon preach.  He’s preaching in Romans 8 for the last few weeks and if you know that chapter in the Bible you know it is a very challenging one.  His preaching is very clear and I look forward to learning from him.  It is wonderful to see so many new people in church also. I have lots of new folks to meet in the upcoming weeks! The new folks probably think we’re visitors!

We’re catching up on doctor’s visits.  Roy and I both saw Dr. Greiner, our eye doctor yesterday.  We learned that Roy’s cataracts are now at the stage where they should be removed.  We’ll be scheduling those surgeries in the next few weeks.  He’ll get one done and then the other done a couple of weeks later.  Next week on Thursday is my visit with the new neurologist.  I am really looking forward to that.  My medical records relating to my brain are being sent to her now so hopefully she will look through them before the visit.

We purchased several metal art objects while we were on the road and last week at the Vintage Marketplace Days in Amite.  Chip’s family gave us the big metal flower, I love it! Getting to put them on our fence and in the garden has been fun. Roy put together the wind mill he bought for my birthday in September and it’s in the center of the garden.

All of the big rocks we collected this trip were labeled including the year and the wording on older ones was refreshed with the year adding so the row of rocks in front of our flower garden is now complete!  These photos below can be clicked to enlarge if you’d like to see this cuteness up close!!

When we are traveling in our RV the kitchen and bedroom drawers fly open and fly shut when we make turns or drive on curvy roads.  This is not good for the drawers especially the one under our refrigerator that holds our canned goods.  It also causes us both to turn around to make sure nothing broke each time that happens while driving. We always try to keep in mind that we are living in a home that travels down highways and backroads and things bump, click, open, close and many other things.  Try as we do when preparing to travel to secure everything the drawers had a mind of their own and my honey Roy has taken care of that!!

Roy did a lot of research and found a system that when put in place will lock all the drawers when the motorhome’s engine ignition is turned on.  It unlocks the doors when the ignition is turned off.  Roy ordered one of these and installed it on the canned goods drawer and we tested it the last month we were on the road.  It worked perfectly!  Roy ordered 10 more for the rest of the drawers and they were waiting for us when we returned home.  To say this was an enormous project would be an understatement.

The wiring for the system involved having to remove the toilet in the bathroom to get to the wiring channels that go through the bathroom to the bedroom.  Roy spent most of the day Saturday on  his stomach on the floor in the bathroom trying to get the bolt lose.  After hours of doing this and a trip to the hardware to try other tools to do this he resorted to sawing off the bolt.  This man of mine is so McGyver like in times like this.   He has big cuts on his arms and elbow and big bruises that make him look like he was beaten.  He had to stop before completing the system because we’ve been busy with church, doctors and doctors and now we have a day of rain.  The last part he needs to do is to build latches on the bottom of the drawers. We’re taking the toilet out today as part of finishing up the project.  I get to scrub it really good and the floor in the bathroom before it gets put back in.  That is the absolute least desirable thing I could plan today but if he can lay on his stomach in the bathroom I can scrub the toilet outside.

Remember the rocks we got from the creek in Arkansas.  This is them on the patio at home. That’s our neighbors dachshund, Snookie in the pictures.

The water in our pond is down pretty much right now.   When we left the water came up to the top of the culvert and now the entry to the culvert is totally dry.  

I now have a new table outside where I do my rock painting.  Lots of rocks were painted pumpkin orange and hid around this area! I’m working on Thanksgiving rocks now.  Lots of things to give thanks for!  We ate at LaCaretta in Amite last week and hid some rocks there (like we do everywhere we go!).  One of the rocks “Always Be Kind” was found and made it’s way to Disneyworld in the Alice in Wonderland area. 

I picked up a bunch of travel brochures when we stopped at the Louisiana Welcome Center on our way home.  We haven’t done much sightseeing in our own state so that will be our focus now.  If you’ve traveled to interesting places in Louisiana and think we might want to go there please let us know at rosalyn@selu.edu.

We’ve watched the Houston Astros play the Atlanta Braves so many times in the past.  They are in different leagues now.  It was really nice to watch the Astros win the World Series last night for the first time in their history.  Especially nice to see Brian McCann (ex Braves catcher) get to play on a team that won.  Congratulations House Astros!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!






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