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10.19.17 OOOOH! Some one found our painted rocks

These are rocks I painted this past week!

October 19, 2018 – Several months ago I started collecting rocks.  I first collected them from our gravel road and then as we traveled I collected them from local streams that had a rock base and sides.

I painted and hid them in cities we’ve traveled to around the country.  The purpose is to bring a smile to the finders face and hopefully bring a smile to their heart!  When I paint a rock I put a typed message on the back of the rock.  I have four different sizes of messages to fit the variety of rock sizes.

The messages all ask the finder to post a picture of the rock on the Facebook group RVing Rocks.  There are Facebook rock pages for a lot of cities around out country.  I joined the Facebook rock group of the city we were traveling to next.

During our time in a city, we always hid rocks. I’d try to post a picture of the rocks that were hidden in that city and a hint of where.  I posted on both RVing Rocks and that city’s rock group.

As time has gone on we’ve seen more and more of our painted and hidden rocks posted as  on Facebook.  Sometimes I took a screen image of what the finder posted.  This first one had a comment in it that made me so happy.  Angie DePew made a comment below the photos that says (in case you can’t read the small print: “Their rocks are amazing.  We found one of theirs in our town of Summerset, South Dakota when they were in town!”

I am not sharing these photos just so you can see that folks found them.  Most of them have a comment about what it meant to them, or their child, or their parent to find the rock.  Those comments keep me painting more and more rocks!

You can click on any of the images to enlarge them.   Found in Old Town Colorado Spring, Colorado

Found at rest stop in Arkansas on Interstate 40

Found at a gas station in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Found at a rest stop somewhere!

Found at Wind River View Campground in Boulder, Wyoming

Found in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Found in Cottonwood, Arizona

Found in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Found in Pinedale, Wyoming

Found in Shawnee, Oklahoma

Found by Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico

Found in Williams, Arizona

Found in Old Colorado City, Oklahoma

Found on Pikes Peak Road in Colorado

Some of the people that found them, now want to paint and hide their own!

Chip’s family came over Sunday afternoon with a bunch of Popeye’s chicken and sides.  Misty, Madisyn and I painted several rocks.

Here’s a few that Madisyn and Misty painted.  I kept most of them to spray a couple of clear coats on them before giving them to Misty and Madisyn.

Misty’s beautiful rocks!

Madisyn’s art work with two Grannie made.

Roy just purchased me a folding table that I set up outside in the shade of our awning.  All my paints, glitter, stencils, stickers, paint markers, etc. are all set up out there.  I stay inside a lot so this will help me get outside and enjoy this beautiful property we have. These old eyes of mine can see much better outside which can only help with painting rocks!

I think that’s enough about rocks!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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