10.10.17 New Directions for Dora’s blog!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 – Our Route 66 and Northwest journey is almost at an end. We will not be traveling nearly as much as we have been the last years.  Since I won’t have travels to write about, I’ve been thinking about what I will write about, or if I’ll write about anything any longer.

I’ve decided I will continue because seeing or doing something fun or meaningful and then sharing it with you all gives me a positive feeling. Several folks have started following this blog recently. Hopefully they and the rest will like the new directions Dora and her Explorers will go in. Not totally set on that new direction but I do know it will include three types of blog posts.

I am a Christian, Republican woman with dementia and a desire to bring positive things into others lives. I guess you can say I’ll be writing about things familiar to me.

One will be inspirational, Christian or funny blog posts others have written that I believe in and think you will enjoy. I’ve done this before so I’ll just continue that.

The second will be a journal of sorts of my dementia journey. The disease has progressed recently and I want what it feels like and what I experience to be documented. This will be for caregivers and for those with a dementia diagnosis (not someone who just forgets things and claims to have dementia) or those who are just curious! I’ve written a little bit of my story on my Alzheimer’s/Dementia Blog Post but will now primarily write about it here (and also there).

The third things will be events in our life that we want to share about our life in Louisiana, including any short trips we may take in our RV. While I can, I will share political thoughts and information. Not that I know much but I do have deep feelings (obviously) about our great country and our great President Donald Trump, that I’d like to continue sharing. In this category you will also find lots about my new love for painting and hiding rocks! Roy and I just came back from a creek we found last time we were here in Shirley, Arkansas. We gathered a few hundred rocks that I’ll be painting and some rocks to share with friends when we get back home.

The creek/river had very little water in it so it made it easier to gather rocks that were normally underwater! We brought our lawn chairs and water/cokes so we could sit down whenever we needed to get some rest.

In all three categories expect to read about God’s Love, Grace, Mercy, Compassion and anything He lays on my heart!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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