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09.28.17 We are being divided into US and THEM, by Eva C. Christian

Wednesday, September 28, 2017 – A while back I found and fell in love with the daily positive, inspiration and spiritual graphics Eva C Christian creates and publishes each day on Facebook.  Lots of the ones I share with ya’ll are ones Eva created.

She published the following  article today on Facebook. Other than the Steelers comment, her feelings and thoughts about this are the same as mine, just replace Steelers with New Orleans Saints!

I remember my mama sayings long ago that “America’s going to hell in a handbasket” when things would get in a mess like this.  I told Roy that it really felt that way yesterday when I remembered that.  When I read her article I asked for and Eva gave me permission to share her words.

By Eva C Christian with James Alan Christian.
~I don’t say a lot about politics, publicly. But, I must say that I am in total disgust of what is going on in our country…We are being divided into US and THEM

~Us, that still believe in God, in respect for our Armed Services, Veterans, Police Officers, Our Country, Our United States Flag, and in respecting Each Other. And, THEM

~I am not sure what they believe in or respect, or even if they understand self-respect. Until January 2017, I did not realize how many crazy people were actually out there… I went to elementary school in Aberdeen and Baltimore, MD in the late 60’s/early 70’s~with black children as my friends, black teachers contributing to my childhood and education, as much as white friends and teachers. I have friends of all colors

~ I was never taught racism, and I have never felt that way towards others…We are all children of God, we all bleed the same color. Sorry, but I believe everyone in this country, regardless of color, has the same opportunities to do right, or do wrong, just like me…We live in a country where many people have a complete disrespect for their fellow man. Where a man voted into office by the majority, working to bring peace and prosperity to all Americans, is disgracefully treated by his fellow Americans, even his peers. It is fine with me, if you dislike our president, if you voted for someone else, if you don’t think he is the man for the job. But, what ever happened to common decency? To the Golden Rule?

And NFL Football ~Disgraceful! How ashamed I was to see the team I have followed and loved to watch for years, the Baltimore, Ravens, kneeling….and Pittsburgh, only one player, a Veteran standing on the field~Well, I am done with the NFL…I can find something else to do rather than watch a bunch of millionaires, living in the very lap of luxury in this country, disrespect our Flag, our anthem, our country. They can call it whatever they like to, but it won’t include me, my money, or my viewing. I have a $200 Steelers backpack for my 14 yr old stepson, that I don’t feel a bit good about now. I definitely won’t be purchasing any more NFL merchandise.

I will continue praying for my country, and for all of those affected by fire, storms, hurricanes, and flooding…For all of the people outside of our country, affected by the same issues, earthquakes and terror attacks…

~I don’t care about your color or your politics

~ I care about your attitude. I care about your values, about how you treat people and animals… I know I am not the only person out there who feels like this, but I am starting to think it’s time to say how we feel about all the craziness going on….

~God Bless us all~

Here is a link to Eva’s FB page.  If you’d like to get her wonderful positive inspirational graphics in your FB wall each morning like her page and they will be there.  Her graphics are not just inspirational, scriptures but they are beautiful!  https://www.facebook.com/eva.c.pearson

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear.  We did some amazing things the last few days that I’ll share with ya’ll soon.

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