2017, Route 66 Journey

09.20.17 From Arizona to Tijera, New Mexico

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 – Here we are arriving in New Mexico.

Dora and Boots like New Mexico!

Another odd Rest Area.  It’s surrounded by mountains!

We’ve seen more railway cars in Arizona and New Mexico’s dessert than we have in our entire lives! We stayed overnight at Walmart in Gallup, NM.  Here we brought our groceries back to our RV!

The next few photos are of lava beds along the interstate.  They were everywhere.  They are the black holes in the ground and the black piles of lava.     

We filled Dora up at this cool gas station on Route 66, then headed up the mountain to Hidden Valley Resort in Tijera, New Mexico!

The scene below is what we see from very near our RV spot.  I got lots of rocks on a walk we took and had to pull my pants up so they didn’t make my pants fall off.  Roy was behind me and got the funny photo!

Tuesday we went to the Sandia Peak Tramway where we rode the Tram from ground level up 2.7 miles up the Mountain.  We’ve ridden trams before but this one was very different!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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