2017, Route 66 Journey

09.16.17 Grand Canyon South Rim, Arizona

Saturday, September 16, 2017 – Two years ago we visited both the North and the South Rims of the Grand Canyon. It was amazing then and is still an amazing creation of God’s to see. This year we skipped the North Rim, pulled Dora over to the side of the road in the Marble Canyon and got a great night sleep before visiting the South Rim. First are our photos of our time in the Marble Canyon and the drive from there to the Grand Canyon

Because the North Rim is so totally different from the South Rim if you want to learn about the North Rim check out the two North Rim blogs. The links are near the end of today’s blog. The North and South Rim are only about 20 miles apart (you can see that on the map below), but the actual drive from the North to get to the South Rim is 220 miles because it goes way outside the north rim around the canyon and then back up to the South Rim.

Below our photos from this year are links to our blog post from 2015.

This year’s photos of the Grand Canyon. We met a really nice family from Italy at the Grand Canyon entry sign. We took their family’s photo and they took this one of us. They asked if they could see inside our RV because they had never seen one so big before. When we are traveling and the RV slides are closed up it looks like a hurricane came through the RV because everything has to be put on the sofas or the bed to secure them while traveling. Oh well! They were really sweet and we saw them a couple of more times while we were in the Grand Canyon.

We have a pink flamingo riding on a bicycle that we usually put near our RV wherever we stay. This time the flamingo got to ride inside our RV and when we got out we could see the flamingo in the window! That’s what Roy’s pointing at!

Here’s Boots and Dora patiently waiting for us in the parking lot at the Grand Canyon!

The first visit back in 2015 we together took several hundred photos. There are hundreds of photos in these blogs below. We have a lot of new followers of our blog so if you haven’t seen the 2015 photos, have fun!!

2015 Grand Canyon North Rim, Part 1

2015 Grand Canyon North Rim, Part 2

2015 Grand Canyon South Rim, Part 1

2015 Grand Canyon South Rim, Part 2

From the Grand Canyon we traveled about an hour to Williams, Arizona.

We are staying in Williams, Arizona the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park. It is a really nice park that takes Passport America so staying here didn’t wipe out the bank account. As their names says they do have a train that runs each day to the Grand Canyon. Since we’ve been to the Canyon twice already we are going to save that money to spend on Route 66.

Our RV spot is one block from Route 66. We went there today and walked along the sideways seeing all the shops, restaurants and other interesting old time things. Next blog will be about what we saw there today! From here on till we get to Oklahoma City we will be trying to see everything we can on Route 66. Next up The Petrified Forest and any other goofy places we can find!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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