2017, Route 66 Journey

07.25.17 Change of travel plans

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 – As much as I like to plan our travels at least a month or two ahead so that we have a good idea of where we’re going, sometimes everything needs to be changed around.  This is one of those times!

We just spent 9 hot, hot days here in Branson with our air conditioners running over time and only getting the interior temperatures down to 83.  Being outside for just a short time is unbearable since the temperature is 98. Because of this we realized that doing Route 66 right now would be just too much heat for too long, not something we’d enjoy.

We’ve changed our travel plans so that Rouge 66 is traveled in much cooler months such as October and November!  Here’s our original travel plan. This path starts in Branson and went west along Route 66 out to Kingman, AZ and Las Vegas before heading up north towards Yellowstone.

Roy pointed out that they look almost the same but our new travel plan is almost backwards from the original.  We head west to Colorado and then north to Mount Rushmore, then Yellowstone and back down through Colorado to Route 66 (going in the opposite direction than the original plan) and on home.  I’m looking into something right now that would make the path from Boulder, Wyoming down to Route 66 change.  There are several national parks in Utah, Arizona and Colorado that we’d like to see so time permitting they will be added and the path will change!!

Of course this is not necessarily the exact path we will take.   It mostly was created based on the places we really want to see but where we stay to get to see those things may cause the route to change.  And if we learn of something we hadn’t thought about that we must see it will change with that!

We leave here Wednesday morning headed to Perry State Park in Ozawkie, Kansas for two nights, then to Russell, Kansas for three nights, Stratton, Colorado for one night.  These are all Passport America parks.  We’ll then go to Colorado Springs, Colorado for two weeks! We don’t usually do just one, two, three night stays but that’s what we needed to do so we could go from Treasure Lake (where we are now) which is a Coast to Coast park to the park in Colorado Springs, Colorado which is also a Coast to Coast park.

I hope ya’ll will be following us as we head to cooler areas.  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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1 thought on “07.25.17 Change of travel plans”

  1. We loved Colorado Springs. Lived there for several years while Dan was stationed at Ft. Carson. My son was born there. You will have no problem finding LOTS to do there and in the surrounding areas.



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