2017, Route 66 Journey

07.09.17 Natural Bridge in Clinton, Arkansas

Sunday, July 9, 2017 – Thursday after Roy and I collected rocks in Weaver’s Creek in Shirley, Arkansas we saw a sign indicating that “Natural Bridge” was nearby just outside the town of nearby Clinton.  We decided to check it out!

After traveling down a very interesting winding road you reach a parking lot at the bottom. At one end there is a log cabin built in 1871, according to a sign above the door. The cabin is the entrance to the bridge area and also contains a gift shop. The covered wagon was very cool.  Roy said it was an early RV!!!  Guess he’s right!!


On entering the cabin, you will meet a ranger who will give you a history of the bridge and area.

After paying your entrance fee of $5 per person, you exit the back of the cabin to a pathway that leads to another cabin. Inside are a lot of antiques and pictures with information, etc.

Look at the REWARD sign.  $10,000 in Gold Coin was a whole lot back then.  These must have been two bad folks – Sam and Belle Starr!

I thought seeing all of these old utensils were cool.  Especially the bathtub in the first photo.  It was much larger than it looks in the photo! Underneath the cabin an old still sits. Past the cabin is a picnic area with tables and benches.

Natural Bridge is a compression bridge of a flat huge slab of stone stretched across a waterway tumbling down the hillside. You cannot walk/climb up to it, but you can view its beauty.The main slab, supported by two buttresses of stone, is about 120 feet long and over twelve feet off the ground.

In the years following the Civil War, the timber industry exploded throughout the state. Loggers would come to use the Natural Bridge to haul logs across the steep and treacherous terrain. This is an old photo taken during that time.

Situated in a quiet forest area (hazelwood, birch, pine), it is a pretty place to visit, hear some bird calls, see and smell the beauty of the forest greenery. If you walk past the bridge you come to the top of the hill to another picnic area and on to the end of the path. Along the pathway there are a couple of caves along the rock formations there.

I was so thankful to reach the end of the path I had to take a photo with the sign that says Trail Ends Here!  After picking up and hauling rocks earlier, this short walk seemed way longer than it was! The address for Natural Bridge is 1120 Natural Bridge Rd, Clinton, AR It is open Mid-March – October. (Call to verify)Phone:501-745-2357

The beauty of nature in Arkansas is exceptional!   Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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