2017, Route 66 Journey

06.26.17 Amite, Louisiana to Lake Village, Arkansas – Day One of our Route 66 Journey

Monday, June 26, 2017 – This morning Dora, Boots, Roy and left our little paradise in Amite, Louisiana headed for Chicot County RV Park in Lake Village, Arkansas.  We thought we were leaving back on May 8th but that wasn’t to be. I am all fixed up health wise so today it finally happened!

I’m referring to this trip as our Route 66 Journey but we have to travel through Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri to get to Route 66 so here we go!

The beginning of the day.  Dora is where she usually lives and Boots is where he usually parks and of course the house is always there!

Our patio decorations are all packed up and ready to roll. Chairs, tables, plants in pots and our floor mat. Roy’s sitting so close to Dora because he’s watching the outside television!One last look at our pretty flowers.

All the lillies and lantanas are cut back and you can see some of the rocks I painted.  Kallie and Madisyn hid them for me – hid in plain sight that is!

Roy’s unhooking our utilities – he’s so good about handling that yucky chore.

A look at the empty RV parking space and our patio  Dora’s out on the road ready to get hooked up with Boots.

We love the beautiful little house we built two years ago.  We are so blessed to have wonderful folks renting from us.  Thanks Kevin and Shannon!  You are the best!

Here’s Dora with Boots hooked up sitting on the road waiting for me to finish taking photos! Most people who have visited us always see Dora, our motorhome, with the slides all the way out.  That adds a good 6 feet to the width but without the slides being out this is what it looks like.  We have enough room to move freely through the motorhome but I’m surely glad we get to put the slides out when we are parked somewhere! Everything gets piled on top of the sofas and the bed for traveling.  It pretty much all stays in place.  Every now and then a kitchen drawer will open when we turn but then it usually closes back up when we turn a different way! 

All the plants that travel with us!  Roy made me move the one with the long vines before we got going!  He said he could just picture it wrapping itself around his legs as he drove!

Pretty sure no one can miss us with the bright orange strapping!  This is new for us, taking the motor bike with us on the road.  Looking forward to riding it!We stopped at Thrift Town Pharmacy on our way out of Amite to pick up some last minute prescriptions.  Here’s Roy, Dora and Boots waiting outside for me!

Roy drove 225 miles today.  That would normally take 3.5 hours but we tend to stop a lot and look at things so as usual it took us 6 hours to get to Lake Village, Arkansas.  We are staying just one night at Chicot County RV Park which is on Lake Chicot. Lots of green grass, oak trees and very quiet!  We walked to the Lake and discovered a fishing pier there that we took a walk down.  It’s a good distance down the hill to the pier and after walking back up that hill I realized I need to build up more stamina before tackling a lot of climbing and walking.  Here are some photos of our time out on the lake.  Looking back at the RV park from the pier. Here’s my honey Roy looking as cute as can be!  We leave here tomorrow for Hot Springs, Arkansas where we plan to stay in Hot Springs National Park at Gulpha Gorge Campground.  It’s a first come first serve campground so they don’t take reservations and that always worries me.  We’ll be getting up pretty early in the morning to start the three hour drive there.  I have a whole list of things we can do in Hot Springs but one that I’m pretty sure we will do is visit one of the bathhouses and soak in the rejuvenating hot springs water!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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