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05.29.17 Memorial Day Tribute to the fallen HEROS of the 155th Heavy Brigade Combat Team of the Mississippi National Guard

Reposted from 2013: The soldiers who serve in our United States Military are the bravest, most giving, honorable, strong, and best men and women I know. The video below is called “So God Made A Soldier” by aspiring Naval Officer Benjamin Morse. It was featured during the 2013 Super Bowl and caught my attention then. This Memorial Day I hope you will watch and listen to the meaningful words of this young soldier.


My own family has many generations of men who served in the military, all of whom I love and am very proud of. My daddy Leroy, husband Roy, uncles and cousins have served. Our oldest son who requested his name not be used served in the Army from the time he got out of high school until around four years ago, resigning his commission as a Captain.

In 2005, our oldest son served a tour of duty in Iraq at FOB Iskandariyah with the 1st Battalion, 155th Infantry Regiment, 155th Heavy Brigade Combat Team of the Mississippi National Guard. I feel that the military was greatly responsible for making him the man he is. He acquired and developed leadership and mission management qualities that later transferred to his civilian project management work. freedomOur oldest son has achieved much in his 34 (now 37) years but his military service is something I shall always be extremely proud of him for. While over there he spread the gospel of Christ to the other soldiers and provided Bibles to the Iraqis in their native language.

I’d like to specifically honor today those young men who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, the fallen soldiers from that tour of duty in 2005. The information below come from the Mississippi Rifles web page. I can still remember our oldest son telling us about each of them when they died.

Freedom Is Not Free

…in memory of our fallen comrades

Sergeant Robert Shane Pugh Headquarters Company, 1-155th I,nfantry

Specialist Robert McNail Bravo Company, 150th Engineers

Sergeant Timothy Osbey Headquarters Company, 1-155th Infantry

Specialist Joseph Rahaim Alpha Company, 1-155th Infantry

Staff Sergeant Saburant Parker Charlie Company, 1-155th Infantry

Specialist Daniel R. Varnado Charlie Company, 1-155th Infantry

Specialist Bryan E. Barron Charlie Company, 1-155th Infantry

Corporal Audrey D. Lunsford Charlie Company, 1-155th Infantry

Major Gregory Fester Bravo Company, 490th Civil Affairs

Captain Lowell Thomas Miller II Headquarters Company, 1-155th Infantry

1st Lieutenant Robert C. Oneto-Sikorski Charlie Company, 1-155th Infantry

One of the displays after two soldiers were killed in Iraq.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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