05.26.17 Announcing “Search My Blog” and a Health Update

Friday, May 26, 2017 – Have you ever wanted to find something you remember reading on my blog to share with a friend?  Well maybe not everyone has wanted to do that, but now, everyone can do this!  My always brilliant and helpful hubby discovered how to add this feature to the Dora and the Explorer blog and now it is available! One of our most read blog posts is about our RV purchasing adventure involving the local SWAT Team in Conroe, Texas back in 2012.  This new feature makes finding that blog post super easy – “easy peasy” like my boss Curtis likes to say!  Just type Conroe (less is always better when trying to search for something, instead of typing in Conroe, Texas) and it will quickly find the two blog posts related to that memorable day!

On Dora’s main page to the right you’ll see this.  Click on the image if you want to enlarge it:

Another nifty feature you can explore is “Follow.”  To access this feature scroll down, looking on the right hand side of the page till you see this!

This feature is exactly as explained.  If you want to receive an email notification when Dora publishes a new post, you can!  Just enter your email address and respond to the confirmation email you will receive.  Easy Peasy, Right??

Health Update: I am really ready to get back to continuous good health.  I return to the orthopedic doctor today for them to check my swollen, painful elbow.  The swelling is significantly down but still exists.  My hand and arm are no longer swollen like a balloon and for that I say “Thank You God!”  We ventured out yesterday to drive around our area and just see somethings.  We stopped at Dollar General for some bread and after a few minutes there I had to go back to the car.  Felt awful the rest of the evening.  Between passing out, hitting my elbow on the door, spending days in the hospital to find out I have a large bleeding ulcer, coming home quite happy, then within days arm and elbow swelling up, draining twice (culture showing Staph infection) causing excruciating pain followed by a few days of good feeling mixed with times of not good, I am ready for all this to be over. I have a 1:45 pm appointment today to see Dr. Chiasson, orthopedic doctor.  I am praying they do not have to drain it again since it is still swollen.  I may ask for anesthesia if they do – ya’ll think I’m kidding, I’m not.

Yesterday morning I felt like the iron medicine, stomach healing medicine and antibiotic was starting to do their work but yesterday evening it all left.  I have so little strength but was trying to carry on with most of my usual responsibilities around here.  Roy has had to take over and I appreciate so much his willingness to do that.  I’ve decided that if I don’t feel considerably better by next week I will go back to Dr. Valdes instead of waiting a month to see him again.

I would appreciate your prayers as I fully rely on God for all things in my life.  He listens to and answers prayers, always! I am spending more time on my computer as it doesn’t require much energy and allows my brain to stay active.  I really am enjoying using God’s words from the Bible to create graphics for my blogs.  I hope you all enjoy them too! Feel free to right click on them to save to your computer or use it as your computer background, whatever you’d like!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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