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05.19.17 Big, Bad, Ugly Elbow and Bloodwork

Image result for need my coffeeFriday, May 19, 2019 – Since coming home from the hospital I have continued to feel light-headed.  I’m going to see my doctor, Hugo Valdes, and the gastroenterologist on Monday. My primary care doctor, Dr. Valdes gave me blood work orders to find out why and hopefully the results will be in his office for my appointment Monday.  I’ve been taken off of Invokanna until the visit to see if that is the cause but even off of it I continue to be light-headed.  I’ve adjusted to the light-headedness by not doing much.  That gets old fast so I’m hopeful there will be a solvable solution to this.  We live a lively life when on the road and I need stamina to see everything we see.

We left Amite early this morning stopped by his office and headed over to Quest for the bloodletting.  Doesn’t it seem like the morning you can’t eat anything is the morning you’re starving.  I brought a hot mug of coffee with me and started sipping it as soon as the bloodletting was done!

We went from there over to Dr. Brett Chiasson’s office for them to check my big, bad, ugly elbow.  It started hurting while I was in the hospital and over time has swollen becoming very tender to touch and painful to move around.  I’ve had this a couple of times before and Dr. Chiasson drained the fluid off of it.  I made an appointment to go this morning after the blood work.  The took an x ray, touched it a lot and asked a bunch of questions.

She asked me if I had injured it and I said no.  I didn’t think about when I fell on the floor when I passed out.  A young friend of facebook mentioned that to me and both Roy and I agree that’s probably what caused it.  They numbed it, drained it and shot it full of steroids.  It’s wrapped up tightly now to reduce the change of it filling back up.  Even with the steroid shot it is still very painful.  Grrrrrrr.  While we were there I got another steroid shot in my right knee since it’s begun hurting again.

The doctor’s office asked me to take the specimen drained from my elbow over to North Oaks Diagnostics for a culture which I hope we get back early next week. Today, a day later it feels and looks fine! So thankful to God for his blessings!

Very thankful to have this morning behind us we went over to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Hammond to enjoy their buffet one last time!

Our oldest son  graduated with his Master’s of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary this morning while we were having so much fun with doctors.  We planned to be there with him but my recent health scare kept us from traveling there.  His childhood French teacher, captured a scene on the online graduation and sent it to me.  Here he is! He prefers to be nameless on our blog.  Since this is such a big deal I am sharing the info but not his name!

Roy’s helper when he was restoring houses, Jeff Mader, brought to us a stack of boards.  I have wanted a rustic quirky fence behind our flower gardens (and to block off seeing the cow poop!).  Roy found these in Baton Rouge.  He cut them all in two and weaved them into the wire of the existing fence. With no saw horses and a borrowed saw he got to work.

Seeing Roy build something so imperfect was quite odd.  His work is always so perfect.  He did it exactly like I wanted it and I couldn’t be happier!  It will be fun when we return home later this year to find ways to make it a cute fence.

I am very very much looking forward to seeing Dr. Valdes and Dr. Booth on Monday afternoon.  Feeling lightheaded so much is really wearing on both Roy and I and I want to get to the bottom of it.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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