2017, Louisiana Adventures

04.23.17 Easter crawfish, MedPaks, Taxes, Blackberries, Orthopedic visit and shots, my wonderful sister Harriett!

Sunday, April 23, 2016 – This is one of those blog posts that is mostly to help me remember things we did but you’re welcome to follow along on our week of fun!

We’ve had a very busy week, Roy and I. Last Friday we spent the day on Roy’s job site in Baton Rouge. Sunday was Easter and church followed by spending a long time at B & J Seafood Market eating 15 pounds of boiled crawfish and shrimp.

Roy ordered and received a motorbike rack with a ramp to attach to our truck for carrying the new mini motorbike with us. It was a little bigger than the width of the truck so Roy cut it down to fit the bike and the truck perfectly. He’s pretty cool like that.  Thanks Chip and Misty Chauvin for the wonderful gift of a motorbike for your parents!  You two are great to us!

I forgot to get my brain memory medicine refilled so several days went by without any. During that time I bought some pretty nectarines at the grocery that turned out to be apples! A few other strange things I’d rather not share, but I was reminded how much the medicine does help me!

We got our first boxes of MedPaks from Thrift Town Pharmacy mid week so I’m back on my medicines. We’re already liking the benefits of having the Med Paks. The individual packets come out in a roll. Each packet is labeled with the date, day of the week, Morning or Evening, and our name. Each medicine in each pack is listed as well as what the medicine is for. I think Roy’s feels a little safer taking these and I know I do!

For anyone who is interested in doing the MedPaks, something I learned is that you give them all the medicines that you have on hand, and any that need to be filled they handle it all. It was a little weird walking into the pharmacy with a basket of pills but it was really nice walking out with boxes of rolls of medicine paks! They do not charge for this service which I find outstanding! I got to meet the nice lady Cheri who handles that. Thanks Cheri for making the Chauvin’s very happy!

Filed our federal taxes on Wednesday. Since we owe this year last minute filing worked for us.

Wednesday, Roy and I both went down E. Bell where we had spotted a ton of blackberries growing along the fences. We put on long pants, long sleeve shirts, socks and gloves and picked for about 30 minutes filling up an 8 quart pot. I froze half and the rest is in our refrigerator for making goodies. The one thing bad about blackberry pickin’ is that something about reaching and bending over that inflames a nerve in both my hips. I can only pick for so long but that day Roy picked with me so we got lots! He’s not usually a berry picker but my guy sure came through that day! Even stepping in a large pile of ants which resulted in several dozen ant bites didn’t dampen our fun!

Thursday we spent the day with our darling Granddaughter Madisyn! She needed a little encouragement to clear out some of her “stuff” so her room could be managed better. Grannie and Paw Paw assisted in the effort and while not as much “stuff” left the room as I thought would, you could see the floor when we left and that was a major accomplishment. We took her to lunch at McDonald’s, went to the flying field to watch Paw Paw fly his plane, visited Verizon to find out how astronomically expensive a new phone would be and back to her house to finish up the room cleaning!

Friday we went to our local orthopedic doctor, Dr. Chiasson, for Roy’s back/hip/leg pain and for my knee and back pain. After several xrays we met with Dr. Chiasson. Roy has arthritis in his back which is causing his pain. His working aggravated all of it but he got a cortisone shot in his hip and some other medicine to take while he rests the next few days. My knee xray shows the inside portion of my right knee is almost bone on bone so knee replacement may be in my future. The knee on the left in the xray below is actually my right knee. The left knee has sufficient cushion but the inside of my right one does not.

I too got a cortisone shot in my knee (ouch, ouch – look at my expression) and it is making a huge difference already. He said that my knee wouldn’t cause the pain in my back. The opposite could happen but not that, and since my knee is the problem, I seem to be also having a flare up of my previous back injury where my pelvic bone went out of alignment and pinches the nerve. Guess I’ve done a bit too much blackberry picking lately!

We headed to Baton Rouge after the doctor’s appointment to wrap up Roy’s work there. I’ll be sharing photos and info about that in my next blog.

After our very busy Friday we ended the day dining at La Caretta in Hammond celebrating Roy’s re-retirement! The spanish musicians were just delightful going from table to table entertaining everyone and the food was, as always, delicious!!

Sunday afternoon I made some blackberry bread/cake. I have so many blackberries I’ll be making lots of goodies!

Today, Monday, my sister Harriett and brother in law George came to visit Roy and I. Even though it was almost 80 degrees outside we were able to sit in the cool of the shade outside our RV on the patio under the trees. Its always fun having them come visit and today was really great!

We are ready for a couple of quiet days now. My hope is that we leave town one day next week but our very latest we can leave is mid May since our son’s seminary graduation is in Kentucky on May 19th and his very proud parents will be there!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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