2017, Louisiana Adventures

04.08.17 Vroommmmmm Vroommmmmmm!!

Saturday, April 8, 2017 – Roy got a shiny new mini motorbike and is already going vrooommmmm vrooommmmm up and down our road with it!  My old hubby can still be a little boy sometimes!!

Camping World in Hammond is attached to Dixie RV Superstore.  Their buildings and around 100 of the RVs flooded last year when the area flooded for several days.  It’s a very much renovated store now with a new cool front desk and store layout. 

The renovated store has lots more cool things to pick from and Roy found his shiny new mini motor bike there.  We’ve named him Diego after Dora’s friend on the show.  Had to keep the naming in that vein!

To introduce you to this newest member of our traveling family I share the following photos!

Rosalyn tried out a Grannie mobile, some wishful thinking goung on here! Since we live in the country. there are miles and miles of backroads he can roam around in.   He tried the bike out this morning by riding up and down Rohner Road.  I rode on it with him for a little bit and it went pretty well.  I don’t intend to ride it other than within an RV park just to look around.

On our way home we stopped for Roy to get a hair cut at Max’s.  If you’re from the Ponchatoula, Springfield, Albany area you know of Max’s Barber Shop and Notary!  This is a many decades-old location where Roy loves to go.  They give him the true old fashioned hair cut treatment and it is fun to watch.

We then took a slight detour down Highway 90 to check out how our old sticks and bricks home is doing.  The great folks that bought it from us have redesigned some of the gardens and cut down some of the oak trees.  It looks wonderful!  After bringing Diego home we drove back to Ponchatoula to see Chip’s family at the unadvertised evening before the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival opens on Friday.  Thursday night is rides only and is all local folks.  No alcohol, no huge crowds, but also no delicious food!  Madisyn had a great time riding the rides and we enjoyed watching her and visiting with Misty and Pam Armstrong. All the booths were being finished up and it was kind of fun to see that!

Misty’s such a sweet step mom to Madisyn she even rode with her so she didn’t have to ride alone!

While we were out and about, Roy dropped off some of his Modern Aviation magazines to our doctor’s office.  This giant, very cool, blown up crawfish was spotted across the street.  Gotta love Louisiana in Crawfish season!One of the messiest and least attractive, but absolutely delicious, of my chocolate creations is the peppermint creme balls rolled in chocolate!  What I tried to do was to roll them in my hands to make a small ball – epic fail!  Today I’m working on strawberry creme filled eggs! I love looking back on our blog when we’re on the road to see the things we enjoyed at home.  By the same token, I enjoy when we’re at home, looking back at all the things we’ve seen and done while traveling.  I may include more than anyone else is interested in but it helps me so I hope you’ll bear with me as I include little details to remember!  One of the things I miss when we’re on the road is our flowers so now that the lilies are starting to bloom nicely here’s some lilly photos!

Our tomato plant is loaded with blooms and three small tomatoes!  I’m trying to figure out how I can take that with me if we get to leave soon!  Roy will be finished with his last house hopefully in a week so traveling time is approaching!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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