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01.16.17 One thing NOT to do!

Monday, January 16, 2017 – Near the end of today’s adventure Roy said to me, “One thing NOT to do is ………….. try to cut the grass with the riding lawnmower near the pond.”

That was a little too late.

While comfortably sitting inside our motorhome, Roy came in and said to me, “Honey I need your help keeping the lawnmower from going into the pond.”  This, from my usually oh so smart in oh so many ways husband.

I followed him outside where we got in the truck and drove down to the pond.  Sure nuff, Toro, the lawnmower, was perched right on the edge of the pond.  Roy did not drive her into the pond, it was just so wet there that Toro eased her way down the slope!


What should have been an easy rescue was complicated by wet dirt that the truck’s tires dug into and spun like crazy, pine trees in the way and a large oak plus several satsuma trees in the way.


Inching our way out, going to the side, back in, back out, to the other side, running into a tree, etc. etc. Boots, our truck finally pulled Toro, our lawnmower, out of the grasp of the pond! A couple of videos show what was finally a successful pull out!

Toro, our lawnmower and Boots, our truck are now far far away from the pond.

Before this afternoon adventure Roy put the final sealant on the strip near the left side of the photo where the slide meets the roof.  The first sealant he used was this one – it’s black:



You can see the awning rolled up on top.  It normally covers the slide hoping to prevent water from getting on it and finding someway inside.  This is what had to be stopped.20170116_101038

The second sealant he used was this one – it’s white.20170116_100912

While I was up this high I thought I’d share with you a couple of things that are on top of Dora.  First is the two air conditioning units. Bigger black boxes with vents in it.


Our Dish access to the big world of television!  It is a Travel Star 1000!20170116_105142

A couple of views of our house and pond.



At least it was sunny and nice outside today!  I hope to not have many more adventures to report for a while!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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1 thought on “01.16.17 One thing NOT to do!”

  1. Poor Roy! So glad y’all saved Toro from a watery demise. LOL! You have such a beautiful home and land. Thanks for sharing pics.


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