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12.28.16 Chauvin Christmas 2016

animation-glitter-merry-christmasWednesday, December 28, 2016 – Lots of love and thanks to Chip and Misty, and our oldest son and wife and their families for making this a memorable Christmas for two old folks!  We are very proud to be your parents and in-laws!

Roy’s came down with a cold during the week before Christmas and got more congested over the Christmas weekend.  You don’t skip Christmas so we checked with both our sons families and they were fine with him being around them and the children.

We started at Chip’s new house where we enjoyed absolutely delicious ham, turkey, all the trimmings and desserts.  Enough to feed a whole community!  This was Misty’s first time cooking turkey or ham and she did a fabulous job of it! Madisyn and Kallie opened their presents along with everyone else.  That was wonderful to be a part of.  It’s over too fast though.  20161225_112550 20161225_121531 20161225_130001 20161225_131655

Once we were stuffed little piggies we traveled to our oldest son’s home.  Madisyn went with us so she could see her cousins.  Our oldest son prefers that we not share photos of his family so I won’t even though they were just so cute! Just picture several really cute children with their precious faces smiling and having a fun time with us! We haven’t been able to be with our oldest son’s family for recent Christmas so this Christmas together was a very special time for us.  Madisyn loved getting to play with our oldest son’s daughter that is near her age.

Roy not feeling well got him down while we were there so we left before eating gumbo with them.  I know what it takes to make gumbo so I felt terrible about that but sweet our oldest son’s wife who he requested that we do not use their names put together a container of it for20161227_140850 us.  We enjoyed several bowls of it the next evening for dinner.  Delicious!!!  Both our daughter-in-laws are great cooks and I am loving that!  They are following in the tradition of Roy’s mom who was the best cook I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating their food!  It’s a Chauvin wife thing!

12308553_10205636499128810_7670528783129346041_nOur oldest son gave us a truly thoughtful and deeply appreciated Christmas gift.  A picture book of the grandchildren beginning with the year the oldest was born until this year.  Grandparents love to share photos of their grandchildren and I can do this really well with this wonderful gift.

We went back to Chips to drop off Madisyn and ate some dessert with them.  Chip packed up lots of left overs for us to take home and we ate those the evening after the gumbo!  What a blessing those two meals were to us!

20161227_135049While at our oldest son’s house he gave us dozens of lemons off of one of their trees along with a dozen or so satsumas. I spent yesterday juicing most of the lemons.  I’m freezing it in small amounts right now.  Also made a cleaning solution with the juice I boiled off  the remaining rinds.  I enjoyed  doing that on the patio outside our motor home.  The cows came to visit while I worked.  I played Christian songs and sang along while juicing.  The cows find us quite interesting!

That our Chauvin Christmas 2016.  I’ve been working on our 2016 Year in Review of all that we’ve been blessed to experience this year.  It takes a while to put it together but it’s always so nice to look back at the year and remember all the things I’ve forgotten that we saw or did!  That should be the next blog post published here.

The high here in Louisiana today is 80 degrees and sunny.  Wow!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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