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12.02.16 Life upheaval in our work lives

I laughed so much seeing this video below, I had to share it!

Friday, December 2, 2016 – weekend-is-hereI recently wrote that I would share soon about big changes in our life and today I will. Life upheaval sounds like bad things and sometimes it is.  Some of it can be a good thing.  All depends on how we look at it.

Throughout our RV life I’ve worked part time and Roy hasn’t worked.  All of that has changed, causing a life upheaval that turns out fine but while going through the first couple of weeks has been weird to say the least.  Old folks are slow adjusting to change, and we surely were!

Recently my hours with RVillage have been cut pretty drastically, from 25 hours a week, 7 days a week, now down to 6-8 hours on two days a week.   When the business changes direction these things happen.  It may go back to what it was eventually, we don’t know.  Still love the company and my bosses though I do miss communicating with them often as I did when working more.  While it was an upheaval at first I’m getting into a daily routine that gives me time to read, cook, and enjoy being outside at our home in Amite.

Embrace Change Text written on notebook page, red pencil on the right. Motivational Concept image

Now about Roy’s new working adventure. When we were planning on coming home part of the reason we decided to stay home longer this year. This was mostly so Roy could get a full time or part time job so we could pay for the very expensive tires that Dora our RV needs and to build our savings up for future travels!

As God always does He listened to prayers a great young man we know asked God to give him someone with construction skills to work for him doing Project Management.  Near the same time, Roy and I talked about Roy getting in touch with this young man, his name is Henry, about a possible position with his construction company.  As soon as they got together to talk it seemed meant to be, so Roy has been working for Henry for the last two weeks.

The houses they are restoring are flooded homes around the Baton Rouge areas.  The flooding back in August affected our hometown of Amite, our old hometowns of Ponchatoula and surrounding Albany.  The cities around Baton Rouge were flooded as well.  Some homeowners have been able to get their work done already but hundreds, perhaps thousands are just now in the process of restoring their home to a livable state.

1477879_10151989765786704_1116182477_nThe upheaval part of Roy’s new job is partly that all of the homes are 90 miles from our home and including the time of the drive to and from work he works long, long hours.  He gets up at 4 am and at first didn’t get home until 7 or 8 pm.  That has changed a lot since then which is a wonderful thing.  He’s finding he doesn’t need to so much do the work but to manage others doing the work.  I believe he’s liking it more and more each day.  Putting new tires on Dora is looking more possible with this additional income which will make up also for my loss of income.

Do you see God in this??  I do!!

We only have one vehicle which is all we need for the traveling part of our life.  When Roy was working very long hours at first it was hard for me to be alone at home all day with no way to go anywhere.  It’s gotten much easier now that he is home more and I can get out.

Also I miss my honey Roy when he’s gone so long.  We are use to being together 24 hours a day every day.  10426628_915664195117327_9144728494141849659_nThis was a huge upheaval in our daily routine but as time goes on it is becoming our normal

That’s about it for our life upheaval update.  Other things are happening in our life creating different upheavals, but that’s all for another day. I’ve been wanting to share my Social Security Disability update with ya’ll and will probably do that soon!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!  This is one of my favorite scriptures to read and think about at times like these!  Though our human lives may experience upheavals, our Lord is always the same and always walks us through every valley.  Praise God!



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