2016, Northeast Journey

09.12.16 Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

imagesMonday, September 12, 2016 – On Friday we set out to look for some 1/2 inch clear scotch tape, go to the Family Amusement park and eat at CiCi’s pizza with one of our discount coupons.

We went to five different stores and finally found it at a store I’ve never heard of A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts. Everyone has 3/4 inch tape but no one had it until we went there. After looking through this store Roy has proclaimed it his favorite “Trinkets and Trash (that’s what he calls Hobby Lobby)” store!



Somewhere in between going from store to store I looked up directions to the amusement park on my phone. I found out that they didn’t open until 6 pm that day which was several hours away. We were disappointed but went on to CiCi’s pizza to eat before we thought we’d just head back to our RV. We’d seen Broadway at the Beach advertised and talked about it, deciding to go check it out instead of going home.

Wow! It turned out to be really cool! This is an aerial view of the area. It is a little similar to Barefoot Landing in the way it’s laid out with water all around. They are about 25 minutes away from each other in different cities.

Here’s some of the things we saw while strolling around the Broadway. Their amusement park rides did not look Rosalyn friendly so we passed on those!

20160909_153551 20160909_153804

20160909_160541 20160909_161417

Just the marshmallows from Lucky Charms – $12.99 a box…………20160909_161834


 Image result for broadway at the beach myrtle beach

broadway-at-the-beach-183896 broadway-at-the-beach-18390320160909_162628 20160909_162658 20160909_162912

I thought this was the cutest yard art!20160909_163024

My new buddies!20160909_163156 20160909_163230 20160909_163311

So Roy said this is where I was made! Don’tcha know he’d be dead if he really said that. He did insist that I be the one to pose in front of the store, hmmmmmm… This turned out to be a really cool store. I was so tempted to get the brain ice cube maker! 20160909_164103 20160909_164247 20160909_164317 20160909_164524 20160909_165225 20160909_165817 20160909_170125

We were so tempted to buy this one!20160909_170239 20160909_172153

Base of a giant centuries old redwood tree. 20160909_172304 20160909_172749 20160909_173005 20160909_173035 20160909_173125 20160909_173131 20160909_173335 20160909_173409 20160909_173503

We’ve been out and about in this area several times during the week. There must be a mini golf course on each block. They are not small ones, but are mega sized with giant objects all around the courses. Each usually has some form of waterfall as part of the course! Lots and lots of opportunity here for children and adults to be entertained. Several crab restaurants all up and down the main highways.

The first photo is how Roy made time pass quicker while we were waiting at the RV service center for Dora to get fixed up!



One of the Crab Restaurants with a 170 item buffet20160908_114909

Just a tiny bit of the amusement areas here20160908_114922 20160908_115834 20160908_115921

We will be here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina until Tuesday morning. We have enjoyed our time here a lot! Tuesday we will travel to a Boondockers Welcome couple’s home in Shelby, NC where we’ll stay for a week. We are hoping to meet up with my boss Deborah who I have worked with for several months. She and her husband Aaron live in a nearby town. We’ve never met in person so this will be a treat!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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