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08.13.16 Gettysburg Battlefield, reenactment in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania AND Please Pray for Louisiana

14021671_1078452028910997_6490912358321869700_nSaturday, August 13, 2016 – After reading about what I thought was a reenactment of the battles at two specific places on the Gettysburg Battlefield we drove over there for the 1 pm event at the Pennsylvania monument field.  Come to find out I got the time and location wrong and it was at a different location for 1 pm.  We headed over there and didn’t see it but later learned we passed right by it.

The Pennsylvania monument


I had us looking for an actual battle reenactment and that’s not what they were doing!  We drove back to the original location for the 2 pm event and did get to see that one.  It wasn’t exactly a reenactment, more like a presentation. There were several soldiers dressed in Union uniforms there presenting several different aspects of what soldiers back then fought with their guns and how they did it.


It was close to 100 degrees here today and the men had on wool Union uniforms.  I felt sorry for them the whole time they were out there.  We had on shorts and tank tops and they were overly hotly dressed.  This group represented the 124th regiment from New York.  These guys have come one weekend a month for the last 20 years to make this presentation.


Riffles were shot many times in various manners and formations.  Two young boys accompanied them, one playing the drum and one playing the bugle.


After this demonstration we followed them back to their camp where they actually spend the night in these real civil war replica tents.  I’d be skipping out on this to find the closest hotel with air conditioning.  the men did strip off their heavy wool outer jackets when we got back to their camp.  They then shared with information about the objects and tents we saw there.


20160813_142149 20160813_142043 20160813_141942

We’re back at our RV, thankful that we got to see that.  We’ve been fairly glued to the television when we’re home due to the flooding occuring in our hometowns of Hammond and Amite in Louisiana.  It’s terrible everywhere around those areas including many areas in Baton Rouge.  Our church on Pumpkin Center Road has cancelled service in the morning because so many members are trapped in their homes or are trying to deal with their homes flooding.  Several friends of ours have water in their homes and the water will continue to rise possibly 8 inches over the next 24 hours. Please, please keep all those people in your prayers.  This is the worse flooding these areas have seen ever in some cases.

So many awful photos of flooding are all over facebook right now documenting the flooding.  This is just one of many videos.  I chose to include this one because it is specifically from the city we now live in (we live about 15 miles from this flooding).  I believe this video is from yesterday morning.  The water has risen since then.  I could show you dozens of photos but I’m sure ya’ll are seeing it on the television.

We toured the Gettysburg Battlefield yesterday and I will share that with you when the post is finished.  The battlefield reenactment was a relatively short and easy one to do and I wanted ya’ll to know about the need for prayers in Louisiana as soon as possible.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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