2016, Northeast Journey

08.11.16 2017 Entegra and Fleetwood Motorhomes

Thursday, August 11, 2016 – Two of the motor home companies proudly displaying their 2017 models at the FMCA Convention were Entegra and Fleetwood. We toured several of them and I wanted to share here what we saw for those shopping for a motorhome.



Outside second freezer that slides into a storage bin20160804_151740

Really nice carpeted storage areas with slide out bins20160804_151758

These show special signs will precede the interior photos for that coach. 20160804_151852 20160804_152420 20160804_152439 20160804_152458 20160804_152509 20160804_152717 20160804_152806


20160804_152905 20160804_153029 20160804_153116 20160804_153226 20160804_153304 20160804_153329


20160804_153511 20160804_153520 20160804_153557 20160804_153643 20160804_153716This really nice young lady gave me her business card when I asked for one so yall would have a contact, but I can’t find it now. Sorry! 20160804_154110


This is their top of the line model. 20160804_154143 20160804_154155 20160804_154245 20160804_154317 20160804_154344 20160804_154359 20160804_154407 20160804_154447 20160804_154539

These are the Fleetwood models (like Dora). There is one model we really liked and it’s the first one below. Maybe because it’s laid out very similar to ours, it’s the same length and I love the flooring!


The white spots are the ceiling lights shining on the floor20160806_154745

Kitchen backsplash20160806_154928 20160806_155048 20160806_155141 20160806_155200 20160806_155224 20160806_155253 20160806_155326 20160806_155335________________________________________

20160806_155450 20160806_155513 20160806_155534 20160806_155631



20160806_155805 20160806_155750 20160806_155826 20160806_155834 20160806_155952


This is the top of the line Fleetwood. I have a video of it at the end.20160806_160036

20160806_160211 20160806_160056 20160806_160104 20160806_160137 20160806_160156 20160806_160249 ________________________________________


20160806_160721 20160806_160655 20160806_161111 20160806_161117

We enjoyed seeing these beauties but when we got back to Dora we were reminded she’s the one for us!

Here is a link to a page that covered the FMCA convention sharing a lot of photos I didn’t have for that post!


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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