2016, Northeast Journey

07.22.16 Goat Island at Niagara Falls, New York

Friday, July 22, 2016 – Goat Island is an island that splits the Niagara River, causing it to flow along both sides of it to form the American Falls on one side and the Horseshoe Falls on the other.  This is a good picture showing Goat Island’s location.  You can either drive onto the island and park, or walk over a bridge to get there.  The parking on Goat Island in one of the two parking lots is $10 for the day.  On Tuesday of this week Roy and I visited there to experience more of the amazingness of Niagara Falls.


We enjoyed a beautiful day there walking all over.  We saw the horseshoe falls from a different perspective.  Last Monday when we saw them it was from the Canadian side and Tuesday we saw it from the American side.

20160719_125516 I loved the beautiful purple flowers right on the edge of the rushing water!20160719_125341 20160719_125154 20160719_125126 Not only did we get to see the Falls from the American side, we also got to walk away from the Falls on a lovely walkway along the Niagara River and see it up close as it was rushing to the Falls.   It was absolutely amazing not to see people swept up in the rushing river going over the falls since there is nothing that stops you from just walking into the river.  Even a tiny fence at one place was easily walked around and right now to the water!!



20160719_130938 20160719_131545 20160719_131016

A good ways along the walkway we came upon an area where you could turn off and walk to Three Sisters Island, a series of small islands with a walkway between each island.  The views from each of the walkways of the river rushing by cascading over small falls and the final island was breathtaking.

20160719_133520 20160719_133458


We took a ride on the Niagara Falls Trolley all around the island and the rest of the Niagara State Park to give our feet a little rest!


When we were finished with all our seeing we enjoyed a delicious meal at the Top of the Falls overlooking the Falls.

20160719_161519 20160719_152057 20160719_151659 I did not want to leave there that day.  I was absolutely mesmerized watching the falls and the rushing water.  God’s handiwork is displayed here in all its glory! I think I took so many photos so that I’ll always be able to look at them and remember our amazing time here!  We bought a Niagara Falls puzzle so I’ll get to play around with that soon!

This was our treat after a long day and a photo of the beautiful back roads here in New York.

20160719_175756 20160719_174827

We’ll be leaving this area on Sunday morning headed for Accord, NY where we’ll stay for nine days.  Don’t know what there is to see around there so we’ll see.

After that we’re headed for the FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) Convention in West Springfield, Massachusetts where we’ll be joining my boss Curtis to represent RVillage there.

That’s it for today!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!


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