2016, Northeast Journey

07.14.16 Niagara Falls in New York – Part Three, the Canadian side

Here’s the map again to help with where everything is located.

Thursday, July 14, 2016 – If you haven’t read the first two parts of this three part blog post, here are links to those.  USA side – Part OneMaid of the Mist – Part Two

Now on to part three which will cover all we saw and did while on the Canadian side of the falls. WARNING: It may take a while to load all the pictures and videos.

I said last time that the Canadian side is as different from the USA side as night and day.  The main reason is that the Canadian side is totally commercial with some nice walking trails mixed in.

In Canada the view encompasses all of the falls.  There is a 1.25 mile walkway between the Rainbow Bridge where you cross into Canada and the end where the Horseshoe Falls are located. The photos below are in the order as we saw them.  First are photos of us getting to Canada from the US walking over the Rainbow Bridge.

Remember all photos are clickable so you can see them larger.








Finally we’re in Canada.  This is our first time in Canada ever! This next part will show you how commercialized this side is.  Shopping everywhere, place after place wanting your attention and your money.  I’m not knocking it, it was cool, just very different than the US side.

20160711_143841 20160711_144540 20160711_145559Looking back down Clifton Hill you can see the American Falls.20160711_150010 20160711_150114 20160711_150157 20160711_150219 20160711_150504 20160711_150600 20160711_150623

Notice the “Misty Award”20160711_150803

Looking back up Clifton Hills from the walkway by the Falls.20160711_151806

Finally we entered the park like area and started walking down the path along the Niagara Gorge where we could see the falls the best.

20160711_145606 20160711_145620


And the photos that you’ve probably been waiting for are here!  This is the first look of what the falls look like from the Canadian side.

Looking down the 1.25 mile distance to the Horseshoe Falls. 20160711_152422

The American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls from the Canadian Side.  You really can see all their beauty from Canada.20160711_153658 20160711_154115

Because of the distance we covered on the walk, we sat down as often as we could.  This is what the falls look like from a sitting position!!!20160711_154914 20160711_155743

The Horseshoe falls with a Maid of the Mist heading into the mist.20160711_155957

Hotels lined the other side of the street from the walkway.  Every hotel you can imagine is here.20160711_160235

Looking down the walkway – you can see the large amount of tourists on this side.20160711_160434

Getting closer to the Horseshoe falls.  I couldn’t help but snap a photo every few feet.  Over 100 photos were deleted from the blog post about the Canada side leaving over 50 here.20160711_161041

After getting soaking wet on the Maid of the Mist it all came back as we got closer and closer to the Horseshoe Falls.20160711_161825

We were able to get right next to and on top of the falls.  This to me was one of the most amazing experiences.  In the pictures below you can see the very edge of the falls with the water flowing over it.  20160711_162152 20160711_162421 20160711_162758

We are two happy Chauvins!20160711_162826 20160711_162903

This is on our way back down the 1.25 mile walkway looking back at the American Falls.20160711_163008

Since you’ve seen the falls over and over and over in the photos I don’t think you need me to explain what these videos are showing.  There are several and each time I went through them I determined they all need to be shared so here they are!

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After we walked from one end to the other and back we heard from the Ashliman’s that they were in our area.  Walking across the parkway we saw them!  We walked up Clifton Hill (the area that is similar to Las Vegas) with them stopping for the children to play with the giant marble Roy previously played with.  They took photos with the tall man I took a photo with earlier.

20160711_171654 20160711_171745

Roy, myself, Ron, Nichole, Trevor, Melanie and Holly had a great visit at Ruby Tuesdays.  It was wonderful to see the children, now three years older, and their parents.  They were so kind to us when we visited them in Decatur, Indiana three years ago and we’ve kept our connection through Facebook since then! Here’s Nichole, Holly and Melanie!


Here we all are after visiting!


Here’s a link to the two blog posts from back then.

Church, Party and Parade (where we met the Aschlimans)

God sat us in the right place – October 2013

After telling them goodbye we walked around a bit exploring some of the shops, especially the Hershey’s store!

20160711_184703 20160711_184826 20160711_185201

Being almost totally exhausted we took the walk across the bridge back to the US!20160711_190527 20160711_190734 20160711_191010

Our time in Niagara last Monday was wonderful.  We’ll be in the area until Sunday, July 24th so our plans are to rest for a while and then head back to see Goat’s Island which has a different view of the falls, a nearby city Niagara on the Lake, and maybe eat at the Top of the Falls.  I guess you can tell if I could camp out long term at the falls I would!!

Thanks for following our trek through Niagara Falls with us!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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