2016, Northeast Journey

06.06.16 Fish Art Galleries on Tybee Island, Georgia

Monday, June 6, 2016 – On Sunday, on our way back from Tybee Island we some some crazy cute gift shops.  We stopped and shopped! The one we spent the most time in was Fish Art Galleries, 1209 US Hwy 80 East in Tybee Island, GA. It’s all metal art using all sorts of odd parts and pieces.

20160605_175517 (Large)20160605_174048 (Large) 20160605_174113 (Large)

These two ladies with hats below were $789.99 EACH!!!  20160605_174136 (Large) 20160605_174226 (Large) 20160605_174335 (Large) 20160605_174408 (Large) 20160605_174438 (Large)

The pink part of this was originally an old ladies hairdryer!  20160605_175413 (Large) We made some small purchases, leaving those luscious expensive ladies (above) behind.  Some other things we saw in the area are below.

20160605_173748 (Large) 20160605_173957 (Large)

Hand painted stepping stones20160605_174004 (Large)

Next door to Fish Art Galleries was a super cool tiny vintage camper, Sweetie Pie, that sold snowballs.  They were closed, shucks!

20160605_173908 (Large)

That’s it for our shopping on Tybee Island!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear?!


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