2016, Northeast Journey

06.02.16 Amite, Louisiana to Savannah, Georgia

We left Amite on Sunday morning May 29th and arrived in Savannah, GA on Wednesday June 1st. Here’s some of the things we saw along the way.

First, us leaving our home in Amite! Had to take one last photo of some of our flowers, and of course of Dora and Boots getting ready to travel.

20160529_081651 (Medium) 20160529_081400 (Medium)

20160529_081518 (Medium)

20160529_081528 (Medium) 20160529_081511

As we traveled, we were able to watch our church, Trinity Baptist Church’s Live Stream Sunday morning!!!!!!!

20160529_105405 (Medium)

We’ve taken so many Welcome to Mississippi signs that I just couldn’t do it again! We stopped at a rest stop in Mississippi where we of course took a picture of Dora and Boots!

20160529_162251 (Medium) Our first time in Georgia in our RV so a Welcome to Georgia sign is shared here!


We spent the first night in Walmart’s parking lot in Columbus, GA. Here’s Dora and Boots feeling right at home!


The Georgia highways are very nice and beautifully landscaped. Their pine trees are somewhere between our skinny tall pines and the Minnesota jumbo Christmas like pines. The grass along the highway is perfectly manicured and just beautiful.


A massively huge solar farm stretched down both sides of the highway for miles.

20160530_131122 20160530_131145

Honeysuckle Farm RV park is a very small RV park with a capacity of only 15! They have a large field in the back. Roy couldn’t stand it until we went back there for him to fly his plane. This was his first time ever flying on his own without someone close by to help if needed. He did really well, flying it three times without crashing it to pieces!!

20160530_193408 20160530_194008

We took a drive through Dublin, GA which is a very nice medium size city. They have an Ollie’s Bargain Outlet which we explored. This frog statue below is actually a pot stand but I could see it as a fishing stool down by our pond back home. We almost bought it but carrying that for thousands of miles didn’t make a whole lot of sense. There were several others I’d love to have including the strawberry stool!20160531_174434

After two days at Honeysuckle Farm RV park where we enjoyed cool nights sleep (due to having electricity), we headed to Savannah, GA where we will live for 7 days! Here’s what we saw along the way there!

Our first sign that Savannah was nearby. We are actually in Hardeeville, South Carolina but we’re only 10 minutes from Savannah which is where we’ll be exploring while we’re here!20160601_11542320160601_120322

The first state we’ve entered with a nice entrance way like this. 20160601_120342

We’re settled at Hardeeville RV park now in spot 336!

20160601_154151 20160601_135110


After getting settled we set out to drive around the park and see it all. Instead we wandered off the grounds and made our way to the Savannah Wildlife Refuge. More on that next time!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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