2016, Northeast Journey

05.30.16 Lane Southern Orchards

roy in front of lane southern orchards

Monday, May 30, 2016 – Some of the best places we’ve visited are ones we just stumble across traveling down the highway.  Today was definitely one of those times!

While driving along Georgia Highway 96 on our way to Dublin, Georgia we started seeing signs that Lane Southern Orchards were ahead.  At 50 Lane Road, Fort Valley, GA we stopped to check it out! It’s 5 minutes west of Interstate 75.



“If you are anywhere in the Middle Georgia area, it’s worth a trip to visit their huge Roadside Market filled with fresh local, seasonal produce, gourmet treats, local wines and souvenirs. Enjoy lunch served up with genuine southern hospitality at the Peachtree Café. You can even take a farm tour during the season. But, all year long, you can sample some homemade favorites and grab a rocking chair on the front porch and relax. Everything will be just peachy!”

From inside the store you can access the peach processing self guided tour.  We walked along elevated catwalk, learned the basics from the informational cards along the way, and watched the journey of the sweet Georgia peach from the farm to your table. These picture and videos were from the tour.  The first pictures are from when the peaches arrive in the processing area in the large white containers on the left side of the photos.


lso 2

lso 3   lso 7

Here’s where those little stickers that you have to peel off before eating are originally put on!lso 8

lsoi1 lso 9


lso 6


lso 5

Later in the year they have these events going on.  “Our pick your own Strawberry Patch opens in early April with a warm and welcoming Spring Fling. We commemorate American’s independence with a fabulous July 4th picnic and patriotic celebration in the summer sunshine. A mind-boggling seven-acre Corn Maze and our famous Pumpkin Patch officially opens when the air turns brisk each October during a huge Farm Fall Festival.”

You can order most anything (including fresh peaches) from their online store at Lane Southern Orchards.

A couple of our purchases today:20160530_16152120160530_162449

We originally planned to boondock for three days along the way from Amite to Savannah.  Last night was spent in a Walmart lot in Columbus, GA where we sweat all night.  We weren’t going to do that for two more nights so we made reservations at Honeysuckle Farm RV Park in Dublin, GA where we will stay the next two nights in the cool comfort of our RV!


We are now in the Eastern Time Zone! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



2 thoughts on “05.30.16 Lane Southern Orchards”

    1. Hey Randy, The line was too long so we bought a frozen peach cobbler, fresh peaches, sweet peach wine, strawberry bread (which is wonderful). We may go back there today since it’s Tuesday and hopefully the line won’t be so long like it was on Memorial Day.


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