2016, Home in Amite

05.21.16 This past week in Chauvinland!

Week of May 16 to May 21, 2016 9 Tuesday morning we attended Madisyn’s awards celebration at Tucker Elementary in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.  A room full of first graders and lots of parents, grandparents, etc.  Madisyn had a total of eight of us there for her.  Chip, Misty, Roy, me, Liz, Artie, Ms. Jackie, Mr. Danny!  That little girl is really loved!  They sang songs with hand motions, a nice year in review video was shown and they all handed out a rose to their mamas!  Each child was given the awards they earned and a special one from the teacher.  Madisyn received the Taylor Swift Award for demonstrating creativity by thinking of new ideas and solutions.

Here are some of the photos we took.

13256525_871628826297170_5606809786106629410_n 13254111_871628906297162_7702818923828793419_n 13240674_871628816297171_242245687128720170_n

Madisyn’s teacher Ms. Falcon13241317_871628729630513_6285629498239832425_n

20160517_090514Wednesday morning we attended Kallie’s Junior High awards and graduation from Ponchatoula Junior High.  Kallie too was quite well represented for this event.  She received two awards.  One for having a B average in Louisiana Studies.  One for Outstanding Academic Performance in Science.  And she is just cute as a button!!

Here are some of the photos we took. First is a panoramic photo.

20160518_090157 20160518_104904 20160518_090227Kallie and Grannie Rosalyn


After Kallie’s graduation, we stopped at the Hammond Hobby shop for Roy to do some remote control plane shopping and he found the one he wants.  It’s much smaller and will help him learn better.


We then headed to Sam’s to load up for getting back on the road on the 27th.  Sam’s is always fun for us!

Thursday we went to the Hammond remote control flying field where Roy tried out his new plane.  After some lessons from Mr. Bill and his cousin Chris, he flew the plane himself for quite a while and did really well!  He’s going to go back on Saturday to the flying field. I will rest up at home getting ready for Hurricane Madisyn to land at our house Sunday evening for a few days!

Chris’ dad Junior Fox and Roy’s mother Vivian Fox Chauvin were brother and sister!  Chris is one of thirteen children of Rosemary and Junior Fox.  Two wonderful people whom we loved dearly.

Bill with Roy flying and Wayne watching

bill roy wayne

Roy flying and Chris watchingroy and chris

After the flying we went to Madisyn’s softball game.  I’m pretty sure they’ve still only won one game but they have fun.  Madisyn got a good hit and scored a run so she was quite happy.  We got to visit with Misty and Chip during the game so it was a good day and evening!

Roy and Madisyn after the game.  Chip trying to get in on the photo with his fingers!

roy and madisyn

Our little leftie Madisyn at bat with that pink bat and monogrammed helmet!!!  If nothing else, she makes a fashion statement!

madisyn at bat

Roy and Chip trying to look tough!roy and chip

roy and chip at ball field

Friday we rested and Roy drove in the late afternoon to Baton Rouge to pick up our drivers side outside rear view mirror that we had re-chromed. More on that another day.

I took photos of some of our 25 cent flower bushes and our fruit trees.  All are flourishing and producing well!




Milkweed plants20160520_131930

From our old house – they never ever looked this beautiful there20160520_131741


That’s it for this fun filled week in Chauvinland!

We have several full days planned for this weekend and next week.  When we settle down a bit I’ll write again.

amite to gettysburgOur travel plans are firming up now!  Since I discovered that RV parks on the East Coast fill up quickly I decided to make reservations along the route through the end of July.  We do not usually make reservations too far in advance but we had to so we did!  We start out in Savannah, GA; then on to Myrtle Beach, SC; then on to Williamburg, VA; then on to Washington DC and finally middle of July to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  These are where the parks we’ll be staying at are located.  Not necessarily all the locations we’ll visit.  I’m still missing someplace to stay July 1, 2, 3 between D.C. and Gettysburg, but other than that, we’re reserved up!  As always I appreciate recommendations on what to see around these areas.  We’ve received some already and they are now in our travel plan but can always use more!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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