2016, Northeast Journey

04.10.16 Baldwin County Strawberry Festival in Loxley, Alabama

strawberry festivalSunday, April 10, 2016 –  The Baldwin County Strawberry Festival really surprised me with its size and attendance.   Being from the Ponchatoula area which boasts the title of Strawberry Capital of the World or something like that I didn’t expect a Strawberry Festival elsewhere to be very much.  But it really was!

We first had to make our way through a huge traffic jam from cars heading to the festival on Saturday.  ponchatoulaSomeone pulled out of their spot on the highway and we were able to jump right in it after waiting in line at least 30 minutes.

The location of the festival is at the Loxley, Alabama Municipal Park, several acres  of beautiful southern pines with a 1/2 mile walking trail.  The craft and food vendors lined both sides of the walking trail.   It was quite similar to Ponchatoula’s Festival in regards to what was there, just how it was laid out and the setting was different!

10174914_1531403353752912_6664098437234443929_nOver the years, the Alabama festival has seen much growth from a handful of craft and food vendors, to more than 175 arts and craft exhibitors, a dozen different food vendors, an exciting carnival, wonderful children’s games, antique auto show, exhibits and live music.

What was missing was the dozen or so tents or booth that local clubs, churches and school groups have at the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival.  The food vendors were businesses and there were no chocolate covered strawberries or other strawberry delights except for strawberry shortcake.  I missed that aspect of the festival.  Here’s a few photos I took while we were making our way through the festival.


20160409_132446 (Medium)20160409_132718 (Medium)

20160409_132725 (Medium)20160409_132735 (Medium)THE STRAWBERRY COURT

2016 strawberry court


SOME OF THE SIGHTS AT THE FESTIVAL – Some of these will never won’t be found in Ponchatoula at the Festival!

20160409_124548 (Medium) 20160409_124640 (Medium) 20160409_125033 (Medium)  20160409_134309 (Medium) 20160409_122305 (Medium) 20160409_122135 (Medium) 20160409_122403 (Medium) 20160409_123807 (Medium)       12987037_983559018346340_8332248985043260437_n 12928388_1879063818986862_7408006099291806933_n 12938236_1879063792320198_7659163317693344163_n 12933035_1879066368986607_6940436805374913319_n20160409_125353 (Medium)

1559599_1531485200411394_1459893394065813140_n 1488036_1531454277081153_1623805773884544099_n 10171787_1531485223744725_4267767348501924380_n 10157176_1531506917075889_1823631661236867506_n


20160409_133529 (Medium)

20160409_133445 (Medium)20160409_133340 (Medium)20160409_133648 (Medium)20160409_133616 (Medium)20160409_133933 (Medium)20160409_133600 (Medium)I left quite impressed with what we saw.  It was much larger than what we had time to see today.  We saw food, rides, crafts and lots of people.  We didn’t make it to the classic car show, music venues, nor did we see nearly all of the food and craft tents. Everything that is spread out on many streets and side streets in Ponchatoula is all in one place here.  I liked that!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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