2016, Northeast Journey

4.06.16 Orange Beach, Alabama

Thursday, April 7, 2016 –  Happy 37th Birthday to our oldest son!

20160406_180635Roy and I went to B & D Auto Service yesterday to schedule an appointment with them to work on our motor home’s dashboard air conditioner.  After taken care of that we headed towards Orange Beach.  It is a beautiful, beautiful beach where we played a bit and scooped up on a bunch of seashells! There are huge condominiums all over the place!  Here some photos of the condos and us on the beach!

20160406_161808 20160406_161910 20160406_162401 20160406_162417 20160406_162508

20160406_162558 20160406_162631 20160406_162709 20160406_162724 20160406_163105 20160406_163056 20160406_162738 20160406_165247

Next we went to the Florida Alabama State Line on the beach where we enjoyed dinner and an amazing view at Flora Bama!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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