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02.07.16 A little this and a little that!

Sunday, February 7, 2016 –  Roy’s knee replacement update:  We’re almost to 3 weeks after surgery and Roy’s knee is healing well.  The significant bruising has paled, the pain level is a lot better, incision is healing buildingwell and Roy’s getting around better every day.   He does his rehab exercises every couple of days and no longer needs a cane or walker.  Here’s contact information for his Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Schrader with Midsouth Orthopedic.  His office is located at:  927 Cordova Station Ave, Cordova, TN 38018.

His phone number is http://www.midsouthorthopedics.com/  There is a huge amount of information on the website.  Read all the articles, learn what you can about the techniques he uses.  You will not know until you see him in the office what type of surgery he can do for you.  It’s well worth the 7 hour drive to Cordova, right outside of Memphis, to see him.  The nearby Hyatt is a perfect place to stay the night before and/or after the doctor’s visit.  Dr. Schrader’s office has a deal with Hyatt to get you a discount on your stay at the Hyatt.  It’s $99 which isn’t cheap but we loved the hotel and their breakfast buffet.  Definitely not

A lot of patients seen by other Orthopedic doctors who recommend a full knee replacement, are able to have just a partial knee replacement with Dr. Schrader.  Roy, unfortunately, was in great need of a full knee replacement, even with Dr. Schrader doing it.  The downtime with a partial is much less than for a full and the partial can be done mostly outpatient.  Yes, really!!!   

We’ve decided to drive to Cordova in Boots, our truck, for Roy’s follow-up appointment  on February 25th and stay in the Hyatt for a couple of nights.  I’ll let you know how that goes!

Dinner with the family:  We ate dinner last evening with Chip, Misty, Kallie and Madisyn at La Caretta in Amite, Chip and Misty’s treat!!!  When I was thanking Chip after dinner he said “Well Mom, Ya’ll fed me every day of my life!”  True for 18 plus years!  The Mariachi band played throughout the evening and even serenaded us at our table for one song!

geaux denver broncosSuper Bowl:  We went out shopping earlier in the day yesterday and picked up lots of stuff to make snacks and desserts with for the Super Bowl.  Yes, just Roy and I but it just doesn’t seem right not to have special foods for the special game.  We will be cheering for the Denver Broncos this year.  Peyton Manning is a New Orleans boy just like we are, I’d love to see him end his career with a Super Bowl win.  As long as he’s not playing against the Saints we want him to win.  We toured the Denver Broncos field, Sports Authority field at Mile High when we were there last summer and it is an amazing place.  So only for one day, and one day only, we will be Denver Broncos fans!

A horrible event: Our neighbors down the street have two extremely large Great Danes (150 plus pounds and it’s head comes up to my shoulder).  Our neighbors who rent from us have several little chihuahuas and one tiny miniature dachshund (maybe under 5 pounds). Snookie, the dachshund recently gave birth to babies fathered by our shared adopted black mut dog from down the street that we call Jake.  The babies are all gone now so it was back to just Shookie and Jake.

Yesterday evening before going to meet Chip’s family the female Great Dane attacked and mauled the tiny dachshund.  We saw it happening out our RV windows in our front side yard.  I screamed at the dog to let go since usually when they get hollered at they stop whatever they are doing.  This time it did not stop.  I also screamed to our renters who I thought were inside their house.  It attacked over and over the little dog and then picked it up by the collar swinging it back and forth.  I took off out of the RV thinking I’d stop it (yes you don’t think clearly when something like that happens.)  As I got around the front of the RV I saw that our renters had started up their motorcycle and were getting ready to head out for a ride which is why they didn’t hear either my screams or the awful noise the dogs were making.  The great dane’s name is Nola and the chihuahuas’ name was Snookie.  Once I got their attention they set out to find where Snookie was.  Roy says he saw the great dane drop the dog and take off for his yard about 150 feet away.  Snookie somehow made its way back to the front porch which is where she was found.

After spending all evening and into the night at the vet where they found Snookie had a punctured lung, the bill to repair everything would be over $4,000 which was something they couldn’t afford and the owner of the great dane said he couldn’t afford.  Snookie was put to sleep yesterday evening.   Our renters love their puppies (I’m sure they are all grown dogs but they are so tiny I call them puppies) and this was so heartbreaking to have happen.  Seeing this happen before my very eyes changed something in me.  I’ve loved those big dogs down the street yet never liking the loads of poop they liked to leave in our yard when they got out.  They have an electric fence which mostly keeps them in but the owner admitted that Nola is afraid of the electricity in the fence and does what she can to remove her collar which is what she did yesterday.  After finding out that Nola already attacked one of their other dogs Mia in the past and then seeing what she is capable of today I believe she should be put to sleep.  That’s a decision the owners or the law will have to make.  Roy and I aren’t Snookie’s owners but we both grieved this morning wanting to do something we couldn’t for our friends, bring their little Snookie back.

Dog owners, if your dog has shown any signs of aggressiveness please do what you can to protect others from it.  A loving pet is one thing but a vicious large dog is not a pet I want around anyone in my family.  I can only imagine what it would have been like had the dog turned on a tiny child.  Please be in prayer that Kevin and Shannon can come to terms with this loss and can continue handling the situation with the other neighbors in the way they are.  They are great folks and are so good and kind to us that we hated seeing this happen to them.

20160206_162204Beautiful flowers: Shannon gave us over 1000 flower bulbs (crocus, tulips, daffodils, paperwhites and a couple of other names I don’t know) that I’ve started planting around the property and giving to some friends.  That’s 1000 tiny holes that need to be dug to plant them.  I planted about 500 and there is at least that many remaining!  It’s past their prime planting time in the South but if they don’t bloom this year they should next year.

Toothless: I lost part of one of my front teeth the other day and dug deep in our pockets to get that fixed.  I have loved my normal dentist Dr. Annette Theriot but I learned she retired recently.  She’s way younger than me so I was quite shocked that she retired.  The dentist who took her place Dr. Jake Paige was just wonderful, very kind and did not hurt me at all.  They don’t give laughing gas at this dentist but something about how they do the work makes it not make any difference.  I now have a better looking tooth than I had before!!!  Let money in my pocketbook but a lovely tooth!

I’ve wanted to update ya’ll on my social security disability process.  I finally have a determination from them (over a year waiting on this) and will share it with you in my next blog post.  It’s Saturday evening and we’re hopefully going to get out tomorrow to go to church!  Yay!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!




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