01.24.16 Roy goes under the knife!!! :) Finally!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016 – The long awaited knee replacement surgery is now behind us!

We arrived at St Francis Hospital – Bartlett at the way too early time of 5:30 am.  Since it is a 90 minute drive that meant we left at 4:00 am.20160119_061042  Next came all the normal pre-op activities including Dr. Schrader coming in and putting his initials on Roy’s right leg.

I visited with a lovely lady Claudia in the waiting room while Roy was in surgery.  Got a couple of calls from the operating room with updates, all good!

20160119_121422They brought Roy to his hospital room pretty groggy.  He came in and out of it all afternoon.  He had a Q Ball pumping pain medicine into his knee from the time of the surgery until we left.  This kept his pain levels much lower than if he had not had that.  Dr. Schrader glues his incision shut so there are no staples or sutures to remove later.  I plan to write about the difference of this type of procedure compared to older forms of knee replacement surgeries.  Even thought it is a newer form of surgery it is still major surgery.

While Roy was in the hospital their physical therapists came twice a day starting just 2 hours after the surgery.  They even helped him learn how to properly walk up and down steps since we have those at the entry way of our RV.20160119_141044


This video doesn’t exist

20160120_140316 20160120_141506

20160120_143433His nurses took great care of him so I felt comfortable to return to Dora our RV that evening after Dr. Schrader came by to check on him and tell us that the surgery went perfectly and Roy was doing really well. Another video of Roy making progress on day two:

Most people have partial knee replacements and their stay as a patient of Dr. Schrader is only overnight.  Roy had a full knee replacement so he stayed two nights.

After getting the all clear from doctor and hospital staff we made our way back to Dora for his time of healing.

Day by day he’s getting stronger and better able to get around.   It’s been snowing here in Hornsby, Tennessee a bit and Friday he couldn’t stand just looking out the window at it so we made a short, very brief trip down the stairs and stood in the snow for a minute!  Here’s some pictures from that event!20160122_100447 20160122_162429 20160122_162451 20160122_162523 20160122_162537 20160122_162614

We’re now with Amedisys Home Health.  Our Physical Therapist, Patty came for her first visit yesterday.  Roy was all happy when she arrived and was pretty worn out when she left.

Little by little he’s able to do more for himself so he’s progressing well.  Still needs pain medicine but probably not as often.  He falls asleep often because of the pain medicine but his leg is resting so it’s a good thing! His leg is still swollen so his mobility isn’t great yet.  The area where they applied a tourniquet during surgery is turning quite ugly purple green and blue and is quite sore.


Today is Sunday and we’re watching a local pastor preach on television, so not the same as being in church but Roy’s not there yet.  Football comes on later and I’m doing my RVillage work.  Roy walks around inside our RV with his walker really well.  He ventured outside this morning (no more snow, just very cold) and walked down the street and back.  Here’s a video of how well he’s doing with walking.

We are not really liking how cold it is here (RVs are not very insulated so even with propane heat and an electrical heater we’re not warm).  Roy will have Physical Therapy every day this coming week and we will probably leave here Saturday headed to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for several weeks.

We’re use to being able to go outside our RV a lot.  Can’t do that at all here with the frigid temps, so we’re kind of having cabin fever after just a few days.  It’s suppose to be in the 40s and 50s this coming week (that’s a heat wave compared to the teens and 20s this past week) so hopefully that will help us be able to get outside more.

That’s it catching ya’ll up on Roy’s progress post surgery!  Time for some football watching!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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