2016, Home in Amite

01.08.16 The new Dora sign came today!!

Friday, January 8, 2016 – The new Dora sign came today!!! Here she is  right out of the shipping tube!


She’s now on the back of our RV in place of the one with rosalynandroy.com in white.  Mucho better!!  We have a lot of followers on the blog and hope this will help us meet up with some of them in our travels.

dora sign on rv

We’re in countdown mode to our January 17th departure.  Roy’s stocking up on canned cokes and gatorade which we drink while we’re traveling!  We’re going to be grilling dinner for the next few days and then the BBQ pit will get cleaned and stored until we reach our destination.

Roy removed our bicycles (mine was maybe never used and Roy’s only a couple of times) from the back of Dora.  Two less things to haul around!  While we’ve been home we’ve done a fairly good job of unloading weight we don’t need to carry around! Most of what we unloaded is now stored in our storage building on our property here in Amite.

Roy’s foot is now swollen (not just the toe) and some parts are purple.  Sure hope he heals quickly.  He’s Chip’s best man!

We’re having some quiet nice days this week.  I have a photo contest to administer on RVillage this weekend and that’s always fun and it keeps me busy!  You may remember me telling you about meeting my boss Hillary in San Francisco.  Well, she’s stepped back from that position and will be taking some time away from work to help with family matters.  She’s in Hawaii right now!!  RVillage hired someone to replace her, Deborah Thompson.  She’s been an RVillager since the beginning, like us.  She’s quite capable of doing the job.  I’m loving working with her already and look forward to a long work relationship.  Hopefully we’ll get to meet her in person when we travel throughout the East the next couple of years.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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