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11.17.15 Home again in Amite!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 – We’ve been home in Amite for almost 3 weeks and couldn’t be happier.  No, we won’t stop traveling, but yes we are loving being here! The cows have been visiting and our little buddy (dog) Jake has been spending time with us.


We do not have any cows of our own but here’s a couple of pictures of our neighboring cows.  There are 50 to 100 cows but only a few cows and one horse came to visit for picture taking time!

20151117_171250 20151117_17053620151117_163554

First and foremost of the things that are making us happy, Chip introduced two young ladies into our lives that we’ve loved from the first hug!  Misty and her teenage daughter Kallie are new to our family but we’re sure hoping they will be around for a very long time.  Chip, Misty, Kallie and Madisyn came to Amite Sunday afternoon and we had a great time.  We ate, fished and made s’mores around a campfire!  Check out the fish the girls caught on their new poles!

20151115_165017 - Copy 20151115_164433 - Copy 20151115_164252 - Copy 20151115_163621 - Copy

We traveled to Tennessee last week to meet with Dr. Lawrence Schrader, an orthopedic surgeon who will be doing a full knee replacement on Roy in the near future.  His very advanced surgical technique makes him the perfect doctor for Roy.  Roy saw our primary care doctor in Hammond this week for pre op things and surgery clearance and so far all is well.  When the surgery is scheduled we’ll stay in Bartlett, Tennessee (outside of Memphis) for a couple of weeks while he recovers enough to drive Dora, our RV home.  You can see from the X Ray that his left knee still has a cushion between the bones but his right has none.  We hoped for a partial knee replacement but it is obvious he really needs a full knee replacement.

20151112_144932 - Copy

Being home brings with it lots of activity for Roy fixing and replacing things on the RV.   We decided to upgrade from a modified sine wave inverter to a true sine wave inverter because it is better for our computer and electronics.  That probably makes no sense to most folks but Roy will be writing a blog post soon about what all this means and what it does for your RV.   The new one is pictured first, then Roy putting it in and lastly the old inverter.  20151111_104702 20151110_151204 20151110_130316Another thing that happens when we are home is Roy stays busy improving our property.  The picture below is the fence end of the culvert that we went through so much with last year.  Roy reinforced that end by building a concrete wall around the culvert to help with the flash flood waters that seem to come around here at least twice a year.  It is suppose to rain again like that this week so we’ll see how it stands up!


As always we try to spend a lot of time with our grandaughter Madisyn when we are in town.  We didn’t know we’d be spending time at the Emergency Room with her but here she is with her dad and Misty. Her mom, Paw Paw and Grannie (me) were also there.  She had a bad ear infection (inside and out) and some other things going on.  She was quite pitiful when we got there but by the time we all left the strong antibiotics had kicked in and she was feeling much better!20151108_132006

Madisyn is now in gymnastics so of course a visit to the gymnastics studio was in order!  She’s new to this but I think she has the hang of it so far!20151105_190129

She spent the night with us and fished with Paw paw out by the pond.  She caught 17 fish – pretty small ones but I think we have a pro fisher in the making! She is so much like her dad, doing silly things.  It started sprinkling so she made a covering for her head with the lawn chair.  Then there is Madisyn and Paw Paw’s favorite spot, snuggling on the sofa!20151031_125534 20151031_122020 20151031_081844

Halloween was a fun night going round a neighborhood with Chip and Madisyn while she Trick or Treated!  Here she is at someone’s door asking for goodies!20151030_193014 The one non family, fix it or doctor related thing we’ve done is attend Worship at our home church, Trinity Baptist Church.  We have a new interim Pastor, Bob Adams and Minister of Music, Nicholas Varnado.  Bro. Bob and Bro. Nick are wonderful additions to our church staff.  Bro. Bob’s sermon was very clear, educational and inspirational.  Ya’ll know how I feel about a choir and Bro. Nick’s leading of the choir was perfect.  They responded to him so well and his leading of the music with the congregation put a smile on my face.  I’m not trying to say that I need a perfect Worship Service to Worship God.  He is worthy of our make time to do what makes your soul happy with autum themeWorship no matter how it is done.  I just really felt like we were “home” and left there Sunday feeling quite blessed to have been there.

We have so much to be thankful for right now.  All of the above are some of the things we are most thankful for!   Not the things we’ve purchased but the people who enrich our lives so much.

We’ll go to church with Madisyn this Sunday and then take her with us to my sister Harriett’s home for our family Thanksgiving dinner.  We eat a little unconventional in our family for holidays.  I don’t know what all we’re having but I am making my spinach casserole!  I love my amazing family which is growing so next blog will probably be about our family Thanksgiving.

1382199_646561998721400_1122776444_nI know I mentioned several things that Roy’s been working on but don’t think I’ve been resting.  I wish!  The gardens had very large tree bushes in them that had to be cleaned out and removed.  I did a good bit of that, raking up pine straw from around the pine trees and the rest of my time has been pretty consumed with RVillage work.  That is slacking up a bit just in time for the holidays and more time with family!  I am very thankful to RVillage for hiring little ole me to help with the online Village administration.

We collected many dozens of rocks in very large, large and small sizes as we traveled from state to state.  Here’s a couple of pictures of where we placed them around the garden.  Our bayleaf plants that you’ll see in the picture almost didn’t survive the transplant but they are making a good come back!  Most of the rocks are marked somewhere on them with the states they came from.  There is plenty of room for rocks from the Eastern states!


I hope everyone will be with family sometime this season.  God’s bounty and blessings are overflowing! Happy Thanksgiving all!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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