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11.06.15 Grand Canyon South Rim Photos – Part Two

Friday, November 6, 2015 – Finally the last of the million Grand Canyon photos have been filtered through and these last ones remain to be shared!

Again I’ll say this was a blessing to get to see God’s amazing creations throughout the western United States!  We would definitely like to go back to see more of it when time permits. Here’s the photos folks!

20151003_155738 (Medium) 20151003_162653 (Medium) 20151003_163506 (Medium) 20151003_123757 (Medium) 20151003_160208 (Medium) 20151003_160127 (Medium) 20151003_172738 (Medium) 20151003_160231 (Medium) 20151003_154750 (Medium) 20151003_131700 (Medium) 20151003_124337 (Medium) 20151003_164302 (Medium) 20151003_133901 (Medium) 20151003_125719 (Medium) 20151003_124425 (Medium) 20151003_163020 (Medium) 20151003_123003 (Medium) 20151003_122247 (Medium) 20151003_161823 (Medium) 20151003_161537 (Medium) 20151003_161208 (Medium) 20151003_131755 (Medium) 20151003_134402 (Medium) 20151003_160653 (Medium) 20151003_154135 (Medium) 20151003_133952 (Medium) 20151003_131801 (Medium) 20151003_131634 (Medium) 20151003_134241 (Medium) 20151003_134525 (Medium) 20151003_131748 (Medium) 20151003_123859 (Medium) 20151003_134253 (Medium) 20151003_160637 (Medium) 20151003_155910 (Medium) 20151003_122101 (Medium) 20151003_122627 (Medium) 20151003_162711 (Medium) 20151003_122515 (Medium) 20151003_131806 (Medium) 20151003_122207 (Medium) 20151003_160706 (Medium) 20151003_131626 (Medium) 20151003_161029 (Medium) 20151003_123104 (Medium) 20151003_140233 (Medium)That’s the last of our photos taking during this years Northwest Journey! We’ve seen so much this year and have enjoyed all of it. We met our bosses, visited with some old friends, saw National Monuments and many beautiful sights!

Now for some time of rest at our home in Amite, working around the yard and reconnecting with family and friends! Our current plan is to stay home until after January 1st. We’ll travel to Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina in January and February coming home in March for Madisyn’s birthday! After that who knows! We’re not for sure going to travel in January and February but that’s the plan for now!

I’m working more hours with RVillage now so there is not a lot of resting going on but it is certainly nice to be home! The cows have been by to visit a couple of times and we enjoyed that! Sitting down by the pond and enjoying what we worked so hard to get set up earlier in the year is wonderful! Roy has some daily projects around here and we’ll once again try to get some grass to grow between our RV patio and the flower garden by the fence.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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