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11.04.15 Grand Canyon South Rim Photos – Part One

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 – Seems we took way more photos of the South Rim than I first thought. Here are the first of those I selected to share!

If you remember from a past post I shared that the South Rim has many more viewing sites than the North Rim 20151003_171702 (Medium)and is not as cold or as many lush green trees. Many more yellow flowered bushes were found on the South Rim and lots more animals! The crowds are huge on the South Rim with almost 10 different huge parking areas and a bus system to pick you up from your parking space and deliver you to other Grand Canyon viewing locations along the route. The viewing areas that run along the South Rim cover 10 miles, closer to 20 miles long. Here’s a graphic showing all the places you can view it from. We saw it from the three central view points. It would take a week of several hours a day to see all of the views on the South Rim.

grand-canyon-viewpoints20151003_122155 (Medium) 20151003_160228 (Medium) 20151003_125736 (Medium) 20151003_123304 (Medium) 20151003_123159 (Medium) 20151003_161351 (Medium)20151003_161225 (Medium) 20151003_161240 (Medium) 20151003_135517 (Medium) 20151003_140121 (Medium) 20151003_162032 (Medium) 20151003_122708 (Medium)20151003_131654 (Medium) 20151003_123018 (Medium) 20151003_124442 (Medium) 20151003_122655 (Medium) 20151003_131657 (Medium) 20151003_161346 (Medium) 20151003_140146 (Medium) 20151003_124223 (Medium) 20151003_125803 (Medium) 20151003_155933 (Medium) 20151003_122727 (Medium) 20151003_162831 (Medium) 20151003_124507 (Medium) 20151003_161341 (Medium) 20151003_122214 (Medium) 20151003_134615 (Medium)That wraps up part one of The Grand Canyon South Rim! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

11879141_993522174022352_1893565768624558227_ocooltext1838781539Click on the links below to go there!

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