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10.23.15 White Sands National Monument

Saturday, October 23, 2015 – We’ve been traveling, had lots of adventures and I haven’t been20151019_170603 (Medium) able to spend much time on this blog.  I have decided to skip the Grand Canyon photos for now and when I have about a week of spare time to devote to that I’ll share.  It was absolutely the most amazing place we have ever visited.

The posts that are easiest to put together are the ones that will come out first!  I love documenting our travels for ourselves and sharing them with you all!  I normally try to keep things in chronological order but it just ain’t gonna happen right now!!

In today’s post I’ll share with you White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.  White Sands is a spectacular landscape shaped by natural forces and is like no other place on earth.  Located 13  miles west of Alamogordo, it is the largest gypsum dune in the world.  It is over 275 square miles in size.  Only the top few inches of the gypsum dunes are made of loose sand. Rainwater falling on the dunes dissolves some of the gypsum and cements the sand grains together, creating a crude form of plaster of Paris. This makes the white sand dunes easy to walk on.

If you would like to learn more about White Sands here is a link to some interesting information:  White Sands Information

Our photos may look like just a whole lots of photos of white sand but they are different!!

This is a panoramic picture so blow it up and take a look!  A video is at the bottom!

20151019_170858 (Medium)

The seemingly never ending road that takes you through White Sands.  You stop wherever you want and climb a hill!

20151019_165411 (Medium)

This is where we parked Boots while we explored!

20151019_171121 (Medium)

20151019_170145 (Medium)

20151019_165418 (Medium) 20151019_165559 (Medium) 20151019_165609 (Medium) 20151019_165833 (Medium) 20151019_165841 (Medium) 20151019_170020 (Medium) 20151019_170036 (Medium) 20151019_170039 (Medium)  20151019_170116 (Medium) 20151019_170128 (Medium)  20151019_170137 (Medium)   20151019_170230 (Medium) 20151019_170300 (Medium) 20151019_170313 (Medium) 20151019_170320 (Medium) 20151019_170408 (Medium) 20151019_170450 (Medium)  20151019_170648 (Medium) 20151019_170719 (Medium)  20151019_170830 (Medium)  20151019_171017 (Medium) 20151019_171105 (Medium)  20151019_171210 (Medium)

That’s our day at White Sands!

We are currently at Bishop’s Landing RV Resort in Willis, TX which is a bit north of Houston.  We’ll be leaving here this coming Wednesday and arriving in Amite at our home on Thursday!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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