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10.14.15 From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

I am still in the process of getting use to my new responsibilities with RVillage and we are still at my boss’ house in Arizona. I had a couple of frees hours today so I thought I’d start the catch up of our journey!  We now plan to be back in Louisiana by October 29th so we can go to our church’s Family Fall Festival with Chip and Madisyn.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 – The drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon takes you from Nevada into Arizona then into Utah then back to Arizona. These mountains really make a straight drive any where unheard of. The scenery changed a lot along the way and here’s some photos of that journey. 20151002_085744 20151002_090058 20151002_090242 20151002_092030 20151002_100137 20151002_100239 20151002_100658 20151002_100857 20151002_101530 20151002_102019 20151002_111908 20151002_112214 20151002_112329 20151002_114531 20151002_114646 20151002_114920 20151002_114926 20151002_115252 20151002_120317 20151002_120605 20151002_122431 As we got closer to the North Rim there were more huge pine deep green trees and a lot of gold shimmering Aspen trees mixed in. Quite a difference from the desert look going on in before that in Nevada and Utah. 20151002_131632 20151002_131648 20151002_141134 20151002_141510 20151002_141632 20151002_143319

Here’s some videos showing our drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.

This video doesn’t exist

Next comes the Grand Canyon North Rim and then Grand Canyon South Rim. Two totally different places in most all aspects.

The North Rim is much cooler, more beautiful tall trees along the roads, not any visible animals that we saw, and can be seen in 2-3 hours at a leisurely pace and for some reason it is not at all crowded.

The South Rim is still cool but not as cool as the North Rim, not nearly as many trees but lots of bushes with flowers, several elks were seen and we only saw a portion of it in about 5 hours at a brisk pace and it is crazy crowded! Several big shuttle buses travel several different routes to all the spots where you can see different parts of the canyon.

Roy developed a habit of saying “Yep another big hole” when we’d look down from a new location. He was affected by his beauty but that’s his sense of humor!

I did a lot of research on where to stay and other information about the Grand Canyon. While there is a lot out there, until you actually go there the published information just doesn’t connect.

I wouldn’t mind coming back here sometime and planning a week of short day outings to see more of it.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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