Northwest Journey

09.24.15 Onward towards Las Vegas, Nevada!!

By the always wonderful RVillage!

Thursday, September 24, 2015 –  We left Isleton, California this morning headed towards Las Vegas, Nevada.  It’s a pretty long drive so we are stopping about the half way point for a one night stay in Desert Palms RV Park in Bakersfield, California.

We’ll arrive in Las Vegas Friday afternoon just in time to do the Vegas Strip Friday evening.  Not…..  We’ll put off seeing a lot until Monday since I work on the weekend but depending on how things go on and catch some sights!!!

Thanks to helpful friends we have a list of Must See places in Las Veagas.  Found out there is a Hershey’s Chocolate World and an M&M Chocolate World there.  Both are near the MGM Hotel.  Roy’s hoping the price of one of Hershey’s giant bars isn’t too exorbitant  so he can get one.  I bought him and a friend of ours one several years ago for Christmas and they were $25 each then.  I can’t imagine what they are asking for them now!

Just passed a gas station that is selling Diesel for $2.67 a gallon.  That’s probably the lowest we’ve seen. It certainly makes our traveling more affordable!  Better yet, we just filled Dora with Diesel at $2.39 a gallon!!!!!

Along our drive we’re still seeing many grape vineyards and fruit orchards.  The hills and hillsides are just covered with fruit trees! Just pasted a grove of cacti growing in rows!  That’s a first for us!

09249246 Several large bins of fresh tomatoes have passed us along the way filled to overflowing!  Some have overflowed onto the side of the road even! 9245 9243

Wish I could have gotten some………….  Oh my goodness we just stopped where a bunch landed and I got a whole boat load of tomatoes!   Okay I’m going to share with you what it looked like when I picked them up.   Perhaps not my best photo op but if you know me you know I would try dumpster diving if Roy would let me.  I love free food that would go to waste if not gotten by someone!  Might as well be me!  I was  very selective and only picked out the biggest and best!  There’s plenty left for other pickers.

tomato 1tomato 2I have a full freezer shelf  from all the onions we got last trip and now I’ll have a shelf of frozen tomatoes!!  Pomegranate1We got off the interstate to mail a couple of things and on the way saw some big bushes heavy with pomegranates.  A tiny handwritten sign said Pick for Free.  So we pulled off the road and I picked 8 pomegranates.   I still haven’t eaten the one that I bought at the Farmer’s Market, so I don’t know yet if I like them,  but I’ll for sure have my fill of them if I do!!

That’s enough roadside produce picking for one day!!  Roy came out with his camera and snapped a shot of me pomegranate picking!  This is just crazy!!

rosalyn and pomegranates (Small)

After probably 100 miles plus of grape vines and fruit trees we entered an area that looks more like desert than we’ve been seeing.  Everything is dry dry and there is no green bushes to be seen.  This must be a region in more of a drought than where we’ve been.

We just pulled into Desert Palms RV Park in Bakersfield, CA for the night.  We cannot boon dock in this area as it is in the 90s so we’re connected to electricity for the night!  On to the bright lights of Las Vegas tomorrow morning!  Can’t wait to get my gawking on!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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