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09.23.15 – Tuesday was “Meet the Boss Day”!!

rvillage soap
RVillage has it’s own soap!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 – Roy and I finally got to meet my RVillage boss Hillary on Tuesday!  We also got to meet Cam who works for RVillage as well!!!  I’ve worked for them since a year and a half ago and are just now getting to meet them in person!!

When I went to sleep last night I thanked God for all the blessings in our life.  I can now add meeting Hillary and Cam to the blessings God has placed in our lives.  Hillary is young enough to be my daughter and if I had a daughter I’d love for her to be just like Hillary.   I’m so proud of this young lady and the amazing work she does for RVillage.  She’s accomplished so much in her short years!  Getting to meet Cam and learn more about him was a big plus to the evening.  They grilled steaks for us and get this – you know how I don’t ever fix Roy real mashed potatoes – well Hillary did and Roy gobbled them up!!!

rosalyn hillary roy (2)
Rosalyn, Hillary, Roy
rosalyn hillary roy
Rosalyn, Hillary, Roy

Getting to their home took us up a hill, passing by many hillary ahouses hanging onto hills above and below us as we drove.  All you see from the ones below the road are their roof tops and they look like they are built in the air.  We saw one being built and the reinforcements are over the top.  I think when you buy there to build you buy a little dirt and a lot of air to build in.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  These are definitely the houses that would slide off the hill which hillary 2we’ve seen happen on TV.

Their home has so much character and obviously so much love and attention paid to it.  We enjoyed appetizers outside in this neat area they have furnished for outdoor enjoyment, all while enjoying the delicious smells of Cam’s grilling! We ate in the dining room inside and really enjoyed having a dinner at a table with them!  That’s unusual for RVers, at least it is for us!

I left feeling happier than ever to work for Hillary and Cam.  Knowing they really are good people is important to me, and tonight proved that!  They were absolutely gracious hosts and I wish them much happiness in their lives.

rosalyn cam hillary
Rosalyn, Cam and Hillary

After getting home and thinking back to the things we shared with them about our younger years I thought a lot about it.  I believe our lives have been one change after another.  It’s made us the people we are now and I wouldn’t change one thing about the wild, hairy, ups and downs of our life if I could.  Well maybe one or two things!

rosalyn and hillary
Rosalyn and Hillary!

The thing, is life isn’t always going to be what it is at the present, be ready to change and grow with each up and down that comes along.  Don’t be afraid to take a big chance in life like getting married, having kids, changing careers if need be, moving, building a new home, or best yet, living in an RV.  All those things, when you can look back on them like we can now, are important elements in our life history.   Being cautious is not bad but be willing to take the step that kind of speaks to you.  Above all, seek God’s guidance in each decision but don’t be afraid to take that step if He doesn’t stop it.

Before we left yesterday evening, we all quickly Skyped with RVillage’s Founder Curtis Coleman and that just topped off the great night!  We’ll meet Curtis in person in a couple of weeks which is another Bucket List experience we will get to check off the list!!

Since my last post we’ve been picking blackberries, going to church, going to the Farmer’s Market where we got a giant watermelon and a giant peach and other normal sized foods including a pomegranate to try out! I’m drinking pomegranate/cranberry juice now for my brain and if I like the taste of fresh pomegranate that may get added to my grocery list as well.  We will pick berries one more time before we leave for Las Vegas on Thursday morning!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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