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09.19.15 San Francisco – Part 3 – Golden Gate Park and Golden Gate Bridge

ggbvp5 (Medium)Saturday, September 19, 2015 – On Thursday we also drove to Golden Gate Park which is a beautiful big park with palms, flowers, walking paths, bicycle paths and more. We picked out a nice spot and ate our picnic lunch.

This is a map of the park.

ggp1aOne of the many entrances to the park.



ggp1 ggp4 ggp5ggpa4 (Medium) ggpa2 (Medium) ggpa1 (Medium)ggpa8 (Medium)Across the street was the Conservatory of Flowers.

ggpa7 (Medium) ggpa9 (Medium) ggpa10 (Medium) ggpa6 (Medium) ggpa5 (Medium) ggpa3 (Medium)Other groups of flowers and plants.

ggpb5 (Medium) ggpb4 (Medium) ggpb3 (Medium) ggpb2 (Medium) ggpb1 (Medium)After enjoying more of the Park we headed for the Golden Gate Bridge. We got to see more of San Francisco on the way to the Bridge. I thought the bridge would be gold but it is actually rusty red colored.

ggb1 (Medium) ggb2 (Medium) ggb3 (Medium) ggb4 (Medium)

A video we took during the drive over the bridge.

This video doesn’t exist

Even though it is not gold it is a beautiful sight.

There is a Vista Point on the other side where we stopped to take more pictures of the bridge and the bay.

ggbvp11 (Medium) ggbvp10 (Medium) ggbvp9 (Medium) ggbvp8 (Medium) ggbvp7 (Medium) ggbvp6 (Medium) ggbvp5 (Medium) ggbvp4 (Medium) ggbvp2 (Medium) ggbvp3 (Medium)A video of the bay and the bridge from Visa Point

This video doesn’t exist

I couldn’t imagine living there or anywhere in San Francisco for that matter. Trying to walk across a street that is a steep hill is crazy difficult. Drunk people couldn’t survive walking around there!

We took a different route home allowing us to see more of the area. This is our last outing into San Francisco. It’s a unique amazing city. We have seen a lot and enjoyed all of it!

We will go to Oakland next week to meet and visit with my RVILLAGE boss Hillary!!! We have talked and Skype dozens of times but never met face to face. Yay, finally!!

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