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09.18.15 San Francisco Part 2 – San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and Lombard Street

Friday, September 18, 2015 – Wanting to see more of San Francisco we packed a picnic lunch on Thursday and headed back to the city by the Bay! Our drive first took us over the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge. A beautiful structure that goes through Treasure Island in the Bay. Very cool!  There were over a dozen lanes at the toll booth getting on the  bridge and the traffic was backed up in each lane.  The drive was worth the wait and the expense.  Truly breathtaking views all around!

sfob1 (Medium) sfob2 (Medium) sfob3 (Medium) sfob4 (Medium) sfob6 (Medium)Next we encountered the hills that make up a lot of the city. We drove through Chinatown and up and down hills to get to Lombard St.

sfobct3 (Medium)sfobct4 (Medium)

I would describe Lombard St. as the world’s craziest street.  It is a zig zag cobblestone street with beautiful flowers and homes.  The outside of the homes are nice but the courtyards right inside their front gate is what is beautiful. The picture below (from the internet) shows all of the zig zag part of Lombard street from an angle I could not get.

lombard-stWe walked up the hundreds of steps that run along next to Lombard Street to the top and took some pictures from our walk up and from the top.  I can’t imagine living on this street with all the tourist traffic there all day.

sflst2 (Medium) sflst1 (Medium)18 (Medium) 17 (Medium) 14 (Medium)6 (Medium) 3 (Medium) 2 (Medium) 10 (Medium) 8 (Medium) 11 (Medium) 12 (Medium) 16 (Medium) 15 (Medium) A couple of pictures from the top of Lombard looking out at the city and the bay.22 (Medium) 20 (Medium)

Even though it is easy to get directionally confused there, Roy found our way back to Boots, our truck!  The streets are on such a steep incline that walking up and down the sidewalks and especially crossing the street is quite a challenge.  Drunk people could not do well here!!

sfs2 (Medium)sfs1 (Medium)From Lombard Street we drove through more of the city enjoying all of it. There are so many people living in San Francisco that lots of houses are three stories and join each other.  I love the architecture here how well taken care of the homes are.  I could never live here though with the crazy steep streets!

sfstreet10 (Medium) sfstreet9 (Medium) sfstreet8 (Medium) sfstreet7 (Medium)  sfstreet4 (Medium) sfstreet 4 (Medium) sfstreet 3 (Medium) Part of the bay and a beach accessible from Fisherman’s Wharf. 20150917_13535320150917_135311sfb1 (Medium)

I’m going to stop here for today before I tell you about Golden Gate Park and Bridge.  Too many pictures and not enough space in one blog!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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  1. Both Russ n I are so glad that you are enjoying the area. I lived, went to school n graduated out there. My favorite place was stention beach! San Francisco in the 60s was a blast. We both lived in Marine County going north over the Golden Gate Bridge.

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