Northwest Journey

09.12.15 Driving from Northern California to the San Francisco area

CA101Saturday, September 12, 2015 – What a journey today, Wednesday, has been. We’ve been on US Highway 101 the whole way.  I didn’t drive at all but I am worn slap out! We are almost to San Francisco (over 300 miles) which was way further than we intended to drive when the day started. Along the way every 100 yards or so the road would wind and then wind again and over and over it went, all day!!!  It is 6:30 pm right now and we left at 9:30 am.

When we stopped near where we originally thought we’d spend the night it was 99 degrees.  We are boon  docking tonight and that just wasn’t going to work so Roy kept on going. Hopefully when we stop for the night the sun will have almost gone down and the heat won’t be so bad.  I cannot believe that just 200 miles south of where it was 70 yesterday it is 99 today.

Early in the day there was a lot of fog as we drove along the coastline.

e3 (Small) e8 (Small)These pictures are from a neat roadside place that sold lots of carved and other outside decorations. We stopped here for me to shop a bit. Didn’t buy anything but these adorable wood sculptures were by the road.

20150909_132802 (Small) 20150909_132704 (Small) 20150909_132656 (Small) 20150909_132650 (Small) 20150909_132639 (Small) 20150909_132609 (Small) 20150909_132558 (Small)We passed a fire on the roadside hill, that seemed to have just started and people were all over the place trying to put it out.  Here’s a couple of pictures of this.

e1 (Small)e2 (Small) Not long ago we entered the Napa/Sonoma Valley where we saw mile after mile after mile of grape vineyards covered hills and flat lands.

e12 (Small) e10 (Small) e9 (Small)We’re pulling into our Walmart RV Park (not really a park!) for the night and I am so happy to finally be stopping.   Going in to Walmart to get some roasted chicken and a vegetable so we don’t have to start the hot oven!!!

Welcome back to the south where the heat is ever present!!

DSCF6581_thumb-300x226Since I wrote this a couple of days ago, we’ve gotten settled in our RV Park in Isleton, California.  Lighthouse Marina and RV Resort will be our home for two weeks.  One thing to note here is that it is a Coast to Coast resort so our time here is free.  However, every C2C resort usually charges a utility charge to help with their electricity, etc.  It is usually $3 – $5 a day which is very reasonable.    At this park it is $11 a day which is outrageous.  I told the nice lady when we checked in that this was more than double what we’ve ever paid elsewhere.  She did not know that and probably wasn’t too concerned since we had to pay it!  It is a nice clean park with plenty of California ambiance with palm trees and pretty flowers.  It is situated on a peninsula between two bays making the last 12 miles of the drive here quite pretty.

Yesterday we toured San Fransisco and saw and experienced lots of things in our day there.  We came HH_fishermanswharf_39_675x359_FitToBoxSmallDimension_Centerhome overly exhausted so I’m happy for today when I’m home working for RVillage to recover!  I will be writing our blog post about yesterday as soon as I can!  Lots of pictures but my phone died and I used all my back up charger power before we finished the day so I’ll share what I can in pictures and you can image the rest!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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