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09.07.15 Happy Labor Day Weekend from the Chauvins in California!!

11987127_998551780189996_8354343308897750363_nMonday, September 7, 2015 – After working a couple of hours Saturday morning we drove up the California coast and enjoyed stopping at several places to roam through the redwoods and gawk at the ocean.  We went into the ocean to got our feetsies wet and looked down on the ocean from many heights along the way!  Even came across a cemetery high up on a mountain overlooking the ocean!

Here’s some of the sights we saw today!  They are in the order in which we saw the sights.  Redwood forest and ocean beaches kind of mingle as the pictures will show.


The next two are by a lagoon that looked like it could be in Louisiana except not with the mountains around it!x 5 - Copy (Medium) x 6 - Copy (Medium) x1 - Copy (Medium)This is a well worth pathway I hiked down to get closer to the ocean.  Quite a hike back up the hill but I made it!x2 - Copy (Medium)When you get down near the end of the pictures there are a couple of a view from up high where a small cemetery is located.  This view is from the opposite side of the water.  On the left at the top here is the Klamath River which is emptying into the Pacific Ocean on the bottom right. x3 - Copy (Medium) X6 - Copy (Medium) x7 - Copy (Medium) X7 (2) - Copy (Medium)rc1 rc2 x8 - Copy (Medium) x9 - Copy (Medium) X10 - Copy (Medium) X11 - Copy (Medium) X13 - Copy (Medium) X14 - Copy (Medium) X15 - Copy (Medium) X16 - Copy (Medium) X17 - Copy (Medium)This was taken from down within the redwoods looking up at Boots patiently waiting for us to return!!X18 - Copy (Medium) X18 (2) - Copy (Medium)rc3 X19 - Copy (Medium)Back at the ocean at Coastal Trail which goes along the coast for many miles. X20 - Copy (Medium) X22 - Copy (Medium) X23 - Copy (Medium) X24 - Copy (Medium) X25 - Copy (Medium) X26 - Copy (Medium) X27 - Copy (Medium) X28 - Copy (Medium)When the sun shown down on the ocean  in the early afternoon it was simply gorgeous!X30 - Copy (Medium) X31 - Copy (Medium) X32 - Copy (Medium) XX1 - Copy (Medium) XX2 - Copy (Medium) XX3 - Copy (Medium) XX4 - Copy (Medium)Right in front of us, as we were looking out at this amazing view of the ocean was a small cemetery.  I’d love to be buried looking out at the ocean – like I’ll ever look at the ocean then!!!

XX7 - Copy (Medium) XX6 - Copy (Medium) XX8 - Copy (Medium)The RV Park we are in had a Labor Day Weekend BBQ and we got our first taste of fresh cooked salmon.  It was quite good.XX8 (2) - Copy (Medium) XX10 - Copy (Medium) XX17 - Copy (Medium)On Sunday we went to the Gold Bluffs Beach in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park south of here.  I’ll be sharing what we see there!

We are resting on Labor Day to recover from all the hiking the last two days, catch up on blogging and clean Dora a bit!  This is where we will be visiting Tuesday!

x4 - Copy (Medium)

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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