Northwest Journey

09.05.15 – Say HELLO to the Pacific Ocean!!

Map of the state we have visited as of September 6, 2015!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015 – I have to say this upfront.  If it wasn’t for missing Madisyn and Chip I would stay in California.  There is just too much beauty to ever want to willingly leave this place!!  If there was someway to convert what our eyes are seeing immediately to a blog post I’d jump all over that!!!

We drove through more Redwoods in the Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park.  Giant, beautiful trees around every curve.  And lots of curves there are.  I don’t know how Roy does it in this big bus with Boots behind us.   But he does!

We will go back to drive through them in our truck when we can take pictures to share!!

When we started seeing the Pacific Ocean out our windows I wanted to jump up and down with joy.  What a magnificent sight!  The drive from Crescent City to Klamath should have taken us 30 minutes but it took over 2 hours with all the stops we made to oooh and aaaah!!

The following are pictures and a video we took on our short drive here!

po1 (Medium)po2 (Medium)po 14 (Medium) po 15 (Medium) po dora (Medium) po dora 2 (Medium) po 9 (Medium) po 5 (Medium) po 6 (Medium) po 8 (Medium) po 10 (Medium) po 11 (Medium) po 12 (Medium)

We’ve arrived at Kamp Klamath RV Resort.  We’ve never had a problem getting a 50 amp spot but we are right now. They only have 30 amps here so we’ll see how we do with that. The temperature is cool so we really don’t need the air conditioner and I think everything else runs fine.  We’ll see!  Tomorrow night we’re attending a big BBQ cookout here for the Labor Day Weekend and I work during the day tomorrow but just for three hours.  We’re going back to the ocean and through the redwoods during the middle of the day to do more oooohing and aaahing!!

kk (Medium) kk chickens (Medium)I thought the sign above was just a cute Chicken Xing sign but when we d Dora into our site, a chicken ran out of no where and hid under Dora!!! We walked through the park this evening and found the chicken coop which is a converted pop up trailer – how appropriate!!!20150chickens904_181446 chicken coopWe Skyped with Madisyn and Chip this evening and that is always a special time!  I hope each of you has a very special Labor Day weekend!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

redwoods 2

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