Northwest Journey

09.03.15 From Oregon to California!

Thursday, September 3, 2015 – One evening while we were still at Crescent Meadows in La Pine, Oregon we attended a Retirement BBQ for the cascade meadows cakeowners/managers who were retiring. We met a really nice couple, Ray and Vivian, and visited with them, learning a lot about places to see in California and RV life. We also enjoyed some BBQ hamburgers, homemade potato salad and delicious cake for dessert! There was live music and everyone had a good time!

The next morning we visited a small church in the area, Whispering Pines Baptist Church.  This was one of the most welcoming churches we have visited.  Everyone introduced themselves and was interested in learning about us.  We attended Sunday School and Worship Service.   We met another full time RVing couple there who are camp hosts at a nearby park.  They had three elderly ladies behind microphone stands leading the singing accompanied by a piano and guitar.  We knew every song and loved how they sang gospel, contemporary and hymns!!

We pulled out of Cascade Meadows on Wednesday mornings heading north and west towards the Pacific coast.  We saw some beautiful scenery along the way.

oregon 1 oregon 3 oregon 5 oregon 6california-here-we-comeHere’s where you need to imagine music from the song “California Here We Come!!!” booming and the Chauvin’s all giddy with happiness to FINALLY  arrive in California.

We stopped for the night in Panther Flat Campground in Six Rivers National Forest.  BEAUTIFUL, quiet, cool temperatures.  We did not get any satellite reception or internet.  This makes Roy miserable but I enjoy it somewhat.  panther flat dora boots panther flat signSince all we had to watch on TV were movies, I chose to watch my absolute favorite movie of all times the gods must be crazy“The God’s Must Be Crazy”.  If you’ve never seen it and you have a quirky sense of humor you will love it.  Roy tolerates it and I ate up every single minute of it.  We have both Part I and Part II but I”m thinking I’ll have to wait for Roy to go away for a long time before I get to watch Part II. Here’s a little bit about the plot:

Xi and his San tribe are “living well off the land” in the Kalahari Desert. They are happy because of their belief that the gods have provided plenty of everything, and no one among them has any wants. One day, a Coca-Cola bottle is thrown out of an airplane and falls to Earth unbroken. Initially, Xi’s people suppose this strange artifact is another “present” from the gods and find many uses for it. (They employ it as a crafts tool, blow the top to make music, etc.) But unlike anything that they have had before, there is only one glass bottle to go around. With everyone wanting it at once, they soon find themselves experiencing envy, anger, and even violence.

Since the bottle has caused the tribe unhappiness, Xi consults with elders and concludes that it’s an “evil thing” which the gods were “absent-minded” to send them. Noting that some attempts to dispose of the bottle have failed, Xi agrees to make a pilgrimage to the edge of the world and toss the seemingly cursed thing off. Along the way, he encounters a diverse assortment of people.  And the story goes on from there.  It is truly a laughing out loud movie!

20150903_112328We woke up this morning and decided a second night with no TV or internet wasn’t what we wanted.   We checked out what there was to see around the campground see picture to the left) and then left Panther Flatt Campground headed for a Walmart in Crescent City, California.

Along the way we drove through the Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park and we couldn’t scrape our jaws up off the ground the whole time!!! I’m wrapping up today’s post and will share tomorrow lots about the redwoods and beauty we saw today!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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